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Posted by: Administration
Exciting Stuff coming
04/22/19, 02:59 PM
Hey Ninja's of Seichi!

Silence is a myth, Shrouded in the cloak of development, Koala has been working on Shining up the UI and the Game Maps.
This means that the game will be unavailable for a period of time when the update is pushed to the Main Game!

This Update overhauls the following:
-Travel System. This is largely back-end stuff, but with the update of the map it's going to be possible to move diagonally!
-Quest system has been upgraded. Again a largely back-end update, but one that will allow for large amounts of freedom when it comes to creating new and exciting missions, quests and events
-NEW MAP! The map has been rebuild from scratch. It's going to be a LOT bigger (hence diagonal movement) and reworks and repositions villages, territories as well as adding new territories.
-UI has been updated to fit the changes to Travel, Quest and Map changes.
-A lot of backend stuff, staff related stuff and code updating.

The update will be done on Tuesday 23rd of April.
Posted by: Pana
08/05/18, 02:15 AM
A little something for the 4year of Core3:
Increased Regeneration: Regeneration has been increased by 10%
Increased PVP: PVP gains have been increased by 150%
Increased Training Gains: All training gains have been increased by 150%
Reduced Item Prices: All item prices have been reduced by 50%
Increased Village Funds Gain: All VF gains from PVP battles increased by 3.
Decreased Hospital Prices: Hospital prices reduced by 50%
Increased Mission/Crimes Gains: Missions/crimes payout increased by 150%
Increased Jutsu Exp Gain: Jutsu exp gain increased by 250% during PvP battles.
Posted by: Daily Seichi News
Day Five - The Final Hunt!
04/04/18, 11:26 PM
Good morning, Seichi~! Seishiro here with, you guessed it, another Easter egg hunt~! On this day we're smack dab in Konoki's beautiful forests with the birds chirping and the winds gently breezing by~! Joining me today we have Nikkō, the owner of the Black Lodge and the head chef here~!

Hello miss Seishiro, I hope you've had fun with all of the other ramen shops around Seichi, and I hope our Shinobi friends have enjoyed the riddles! For those of you aching for one last push, I offer just that. If you get stumped too much, come on down and take a break with a nice meal~!

Promises of the best riddle yet? I can't wait to see who will figure this one out~! Well, Shinobi of the land, are you up for the challenge or will you let the final challenge stump you? Until next time, Seishiro out~!

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