Update Status
So it's been a bit silent on this, so we decided to make a more detailed list of the upcoming update and it's progress. You can check it in the following link: Upcoming Update

03/21/17, 11:58 AM, Posted by:Administration
Lottery Winners!
Lottery Drawing Time!
The lottery has been drawn, and the prize winners are:

1st Prize: HirikuShindu wins 1487475 Ryo!
2nd Prize: CamilleUtsugi wins 892485 Ryo!
3rd Prize: WillowCrim wins 2088410 Ryo with the Prize Pot of 1493420 Ryo!

Our congratulations to the winners! For those of you that didn't win, better luck next time.

01/14/17, 11:13 AM, Posted by:Lottery System
Seichi's New Year's Rumble
New year, new kills!

If you like ryo, pops and killing newbs, this may be just the right amount of stress relief for you:

Submit to the thread ONLY. Rules and details are listed on the forum thread.


PS: The FB art contest is still ongoing till the 20th! Submit before it closes and get a chance at 40 sweet reps!

01/08/17, 05:52 PM, Posted by:Alba