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C3 Anniversary Event... still
08/19/19, 07:36 PM
Howdy, folks.

We hope that you enjoyed this past weekend's assault, brought to you by the DNS errors that ruined the previous weekend's last few hours.

Due to the now-fixed issue involving our inability to update the Main Server from the Development Server, crafting will be extended yet again until the end of this week. This is to give crafters any spare time they need to finish crafting their shifting weapons - we've heard rumor that their final forms are appearing on the black market now. Be wary, come the end of the week, those shifting weapons will need to pick their final forms.

We are still looking for suggestions for the new Global Event Schedule. Make sure to check out the thread:


After much consideration by the staff, we have decided to open a poll to the users as to whether or not a third account should be made legal. Do note: That does not mean you may create one currently! Please cast your votes here:


Finally, we are VERY pleased to officially let you guys know that we will soon be changing server hosts. Our Development Server had already made the swap, so now it is up to you guys to find any outstanding issues there! The sooner we patch the Development Server up, the sooner we can make the final switch!

Posted by: Daily Seichi News
C3 Anniversary Weekend Asssault
08/08/19, 10:16 PM
Greeting, shinobi!

On behalf of all of the staff, we hope you had a fun week of bonuses and fun crafting.

You are in for a bit of a treat, as we have decided to extend the fun into a weekend bash, of sorts. 8/10-8/11, we will have various PvP related bonuses turned up a bit - surgeons and those with light pockets can also rejoice, as surgeon gains and reduced hospital prices will be turned up as well. Happy hunting, folks!

This Friday, 8/9, you can also enjoy some extra EM, Mission, and Training gains to have you prepared for the weekend assault! Following this, EM gains will remain on for the entire week, from 8/9 through 8/16 as a thank you for your patience during their absence.

Crafters and Gatherers, you're nearly done! The Shifting Weapons are starting to slow - we theorize that they will last through the weekend bash before sticking in their final forms. Fear not, you'll have through 8/16 to collect and craft whatever you might still need.

Thank you all for spending all of this time with us!

Due to an issue with data transfer between the Development Server and Main Server, weapons and armor will not receive their final forms until mid week.
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C3 Anniversary Event
08/02/19, 02:09 AM
Greetings, shinobi! Today marks yet another anniversary for Core 3 which means it's time for a celebration. First and most likely foremost, you will receive a full week of bonuses to kick start your celebration! On top of this, we have a few surprise events that we will be debuting throughout the week, so keep your eyes peeled.

For Herbalists: We've received word of a very rare sighting; Stasis Orchids. We don't know too much about these beautiful flowers other than their ever-vibrant blooms. Most of the recent sightings have been in the ... quieter regions of the island, though there are some scattered throughout the land. Aside from being quite beautiful, these flowers may be the key to unlocking - or in some cases locking - some very unique creations.

For Miners: Veins of a very ancient mineral have been sighted in the deserts and beyond - this ore, though very solid, seems to shift and flow within its own structure. Thus, it is aptly named Fluid Ore. When refined, this metal looks like spotless glass - but retains all of its metallic structures. It is very easy to manipulate and is exceptionally strong. With luck, this metal could produce some fine weapons and armor.

For Hunters: Beware - travelers have noted rogue bands of Barghest gathering in Outlaw territory. These creatures are vaguely wolf like in shape, though a few people claim them to be more like goblins... regardless, they are very smart and very hungry. It would be best to exterminate them with extreme prejudice. Though absolutely foul, the hide is strong and almost... magical. Perhaps the shape-shifting rumors are true... nah! Still, this impressive hide could be useful... and perhaps the meat, maybe?

For Crafters: Your gatherers will be hard at work, supplying you with these rare materials. It's up to you to actually make something out of them! Armorers have already begun to make Shifting armor; light, heavy, and medium - one for each rank. It is impressively resilient. Perhaps almost invulnerable. Weaponsmiths have begun producing a new weapon that they've dubbed the Shifter - a weapon that appears as many. Useful for those that don't want to carry around thirteen weapons. Finally, the Chefs have been hard at work creating Barghest and Orchid themed remedies, meals, and useful tools. Ramen, bait, salves, aid kits, and herbal healing agents - you name it, they've created it.

Enjoy yourselves!

And now, a message from Koala!

With this celebration comes the brand new combat screen. I have made some changes that hopefully make things a bit more modern without feeling completely out of place or unfamiliar. I encourage you to check out the settings page so that you can customize your look to your heart's content. Just remember that this is only a live test. Your input is highly sought after, so please feel free to voice your opinions.

*Questing Status limits your freedom to do things. To remove Questing Status, make sure to address any Dialogue Quests that you might have.*


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