New Forum Released
The new forum has been opened now for public use. Sorry for the delay. If you notice any weird behavior, please let us know through Support Ticket. ~Wolfpack16

12/22/14, 03:00 PM, Posted by: Wolfpack16
New Forum Engine (IPB)
Hello there random strangers and fellow manly disciplines. There's going to be a new forum engine introduced, which is Invision Power Boards, since we wanted to get something more reliable and better than VBulletin. There's no need for a lot of things to be addressed alongside the change of forum engines and what will be retained and saved. This is meant to address some of the basic questions about the new forum engine and help inform you all about what may change on the technical side of the forums.

A) When will the new forum engine be implemented and transferred?

We (Aeterno and Wolfpack16) will be transferring and implementing the new forum engine this weekend during December 20th to December 21st. During this time slot, there will be downtime for the forum site where we will be migrating all necessary forum data to the new engine database. Obviously, the main people involved will be using this time to fix any issues as well.

B) What will be lost when we migrate to the new forum engine?

Well, most or all of the things will be retained during the migration, since Invision Power Boards has a nice migration method from switching out of VBulletin. In the test, the avatars didn't get migrated properly, so you should save a copy of your avatar just in case. If you feel like something important will be lost during the transfer, then I'd keep a copy somewhere, but everything except avatars should be transferred just fine.

In short, private messages, profile comments and posts will be migrated, which will increase the required migration time, but it should not be a big issue. Support Tickets will be done last, since we manually have to migrate that ourselves, so if you have an active support ticket, it'll be a few days before we can address the tickets again. If it's an urgent request, then please try to contact an immediate admin to see if such a request should wait or it can be easily done in their time.

C) Why the change from VBulletin and what's so different on the Invision Power Board forum engine?

VBulletin is not incredibly stable or reliable and upgrading to the newest version of VBulletin would just be making the initial problems in their engine worse. It's just not supported well enough on its own and it doesn't necessarily provide the means to fix the core issues. Invision Power Boards is better supported and designed with a better interface that it is lighter and more interactive. We've already went out of our way to obtain the new forum engine, so we plan to make full use of it soon.

So what's different? Well, a lot of things will start to work now compared to VBulletin.

1) Reliable and improved working search feature
2) Awesome Chatroom (Pop-up Version as well to be in its own window)
3) Improved Support Features and Design
4) Inbox and Notifications Box (Small Viewable Form)
5) Overall Better and Faster User Interface
6) Better Mobile Support

In the end, I feel confident that most or all will like this new forum engine than VBulletin.

There won't be a Q&A topic on the forum, especially since we're migrating soon and a lot of the core features of a forum is basically the same across different platforms. This is meant to be more of an informative and advised post about what's going to happen in the next few days and why we're doing this.


12/18/14, 11:08 PM, Posted by: Wolfpack16
Susanowo Foiled!
After days without incident Seichi`s outlaw watch is confident Susanowo has retreated to the City of Mei, leaving behind threats of a return with more of her power behind each assault.

After her defeat at Silence and Shroud, two of Susanowo's supporters in the outlaw underground fled, pledging their allegiance to Mituche and Darken, bringing with them 750 VF as an offering to these great leaders.

Each of the five villages was able to defeat Susanowo's Guard, causing significant damage to the Syndicate Leader's defenses and infusing the people of each of the five villages with a sense of hope and safety. As a result, each of the villages has had their regeneration rate increased by one.

We wish you all luck when Susanowo's allies return. But for now, It is with great pride that the SOW signs off on this report.

11/30/14, 12:02 PM, Posted by: Seichi outlaw watch