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We had some downtime today of quite a few hours due to a database server having the hiccups. All data should be safe and everything restored to normal now. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we hope this will not happen again. If it does, we now know how to fix it :)

10/20/14, 08:50 AM, Posted by: Terriator
Lottery winners!
Lottery draw!
The lottery has been drawn, and the prize winners are:

1st prize: Maleficar, 3801975 ryo, jackpot: yes
2nd prize: Tsuukihime, 912474 ryo, jackpot: no
3rd prize: ChrisLord101, 380198 ryo, jackpot: no

Our congratulations to the winners, to those of you that didn't win, better luck next time.

10/11/14, 04:19 PM, Posted by: Lottery system
Hakken of the Daily Seichi News here with a special news bulletin! After a true invasion of pesky imps, I am glad to announce that Tnedor has withdrawn his forces to the Northern uncharted! Though we cannot say why he has withdrawn, it is certainly clear that his forces have taken quite a blow from the counter attacks of the proud shinobi that roam these lands.

An encoded letter, written by the Robed Man that has been watching us for these pasts months, has been delivered to DSN's office and will be revealed as soon as we know what it says.

This was Reporter Hakken.

09/28/14, 06:49 PM, Posted by: Reporter Hakken, DSN