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Invitation to the City of Mei
Global ANBU HQ has been captured by our Riders. Khutulun escaped with her teammates, but they are in critical condition, and she is no threat alone. If you fought against us before, lay down your arms now; with the Global ANBU gone, further power struggles would be pointless...

Meanwhile, after months of research, we are finally on our way to rediscovering the wonders of the Golden Age. As always, every worthy shinobi is welcome...so come find us, and test your skills in our homeland. You are welcome to work with others, if you'd like.

Your first step is nearby, and can be bought in every village...


*See my nindo if you need help getting into the City.

*Thyl discovered the ninjutsu: Pyrohaemia.
*Korotoi discovered the weapons jutsu: River Shadow.
*EmoPanda discovered the genjutsu: Mindtrick.
*KinKaida discovered the taijutsu: Torschlag Angriff.

*The City of Mei, and all its trade routes, are temporarily closed due to disturbances at Lazarus Falls. Ingredients from Hitobashira are no longer available to outsiders, but I am still making weapons for those who already have ingredients.

04/19/14, 08:27 PM, Fukkatsu, See comments
Recent Hacking Incident
On 04/14/14, TNF was taken down temporarily in response to a hacking incident. The entire incident, including staff response and the implementation of new and improved security features, lasted approximately three hours.

The site has been closely monitored since the attack. At this time, we do not believe user accounts were compromised; TNF should be back up and fully operational for everyone; and the hacker does not seem to have access to the site anymore. Please alert a staff member ASAP if you see any suspicious activity on TNR or TNF.

Just to be safe, we strongly recommend that everyone change their current passwords. In general, we also recommend choosing secure passwords, changing passwords regularly, and using different passwords for your TNR, TNF, and email accounts.

We'll also be looking at new options to improve site security in general in Core 3. In the meantime, please feel free to PM a staff member, or send a support ticket, if you have specific questions or concerns. Once again, we appreciate your patience, and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

04/14/14, 10:58 PM, TNR Staff, See comments
Core 3 Rep Transfer Count
If you have a problem with your rep transfer count (i.e., the number of reps it says you're getting for Core 3 transfer), please read this post.

STEP 1: If you haven't done so already, read this forum post. If that doesn't answer your question, proceed to Step 2.

STEP 2: Go back and check your rep list (i.e., the list of rep transactions marked for transfer for your account). You should no longer receive an error message when you try to view this list. You should also now be able to see when donors reclaimed reps, as well as your transaction IDs.

Try the new Search Transaction ID option available under your rep list.

STEP 3: Still need a recount? DO NOT PM any staff member. DO NOT bother Terriator. And DO NOT send multiple messages or post your problem in different locations.

Fill out a support ticket by clicking the CONTACT link (Subject: "Core 3 Transfer Rep Count").

STEP 4: Copy and paste your current rep list. Then clearly explain your problem with as much detail as possible, especially for missing purchases (e.g., amount, date, transaction ID, donor/recipient name, etc.).

STEP 5: If you change your mind about Core 3 transfer, or about reclaiming reps, send me a PM in-game. For any other questions, feel free to PM me or post in the Core 3 Q&A thread.

REMINDER: TNR staff will NEVER ask for your password, for ANY reason. If you see phishing on TNR, please report it immediately.

04/07/14, 11:35 AM, Kanu, See comments

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