Minor tweaks.
The following changes were made.
Shadow Ambush(Buki) -> Reduced DOT by 1 round.
Shadow Ambush(all) -> Increased cooldown by 1.
Earthshaker Stance(Buki) -> Reduced DOT by 1 round.
Swift Step Stance(Buki) -> Reduced DOT by 1 round.
Subterranean Dragon -> Removed Expertise debuff. Increased base damage.
Maelstrom Armor had their switched values corrected.
Eye of the Storm -> Added Damage over Time.
Vacuum Wave -> Added Damage over Time.
Stoneshard Spire -> Removed Expertise debuff. Added Defense buff
Earth Slam -> Removed Armor buff, added Expertise debuff.
Divine Lightblast -> Recoil reduced. 10+0.025 -> 0+0.025

09/19/17, 04:26 AM, Posted by:Administration
Updated "Stance" jutsu
Old Name -> New Name
Eternal Lotus Stance -> Monk's Art: Shockblast
Serene Wave Stance -> Dragon Style: Serpents Dance
Amplified Power Stance -> Sinbound Rail-Fire
Demon Eye Stance -> Contract: Phantom Cannon
Disrupting Pressure -> Monk's Art: Serene Assault
Whirling Shurikens -> Dragon Style: Scaleweave
Hypnotizing Music -> Pristine Pillars
Gaze of Trickery -> Contract: Phantom Concussion
Aura Assault -> Monk's Art: Giant Strike
Distortion Blade -> Dragon Style: Deadfall
Essence Grasp -> Shadow of Sin
Touch of Izanami -> Contract: One Million Phantoms

The above jutsu have changed and have the following differences
Special -> normal.
No damage -> AoE damage.
New effects.
Ryo and usage costs altered according to their new typing.

Any bugs can be reported in the Bug Report forum or PM'd to Pana.

Additional changes
Scatterstone Shot
*Increased damage
*Removed effect: Offense debuff
*New effect: Chakra Power debuff
*New effect: Critical Strike debuff
Stoneshard Spire
*Removed effect: Defense buff
*New effect: Clear offense buff
*Increased effect: Expertise debuff
Subterranean Dragon
*Increase effect duration by 1 round
*Increased leach by 5%
Water Release: Great Squid
*Increased damage
*Decreased effect: Speed debuff.
*Increased effect: Critical Strike down
*Increased effect: Chakra Power down
Throne of Destruction
*Increased damage

Additional changes: 14-9-2017
EJ lightning: 1 Damage over Time jutsu.
Flash Fang, Skyline, Spectral Shock -> Damage recalculated.
Bolt Jump -> Now has DOT.
Electromagnetic Acceleration, Tesla's Torment and Great Lightning Dragon -> No longer have DOT. Damage increased on all 3.

Jounin lightning: 1 Damage over Time jutsu.
Inner Spark, Thunderstrike, Circle Crash, Rebound Bolt -> Damage recalculated.
Erupting Lightning, Thunderous Discharge, Rolling Thunder, Electric Ruin -> Damage Recalculated, DOT removed.

09/05/17, 08:05 AM, Posted by:Administration
Balance tweaks
Blood Boil
*Gen: Increased Will debuff incremental value to 0.12
*Gen: Increased Accuracy buff base value by 5%
Call of the Kraken
*Reduced Will debuff duration to 1 round
*New effect: 3 round Armor buff.
Dark Cloud
*New effect: Clear offense.
Abyssal Demoralization
*Reduced Offense debuff base and increment.

Rock Casing
*Fixed missing duration indicator.

Black Water
*New effect: Clear offense
Mountain Crush:
*Removed wind-dot clear
*Increased Expertise debuff incremental value to 0.105
Throne of Destruction
*Removed offense buff clear
Hell's Fireball
*Increased damage values

Boulder Bomb
*Increased Accuracy debuff by 1 round
Earth Slam
*Changed Armor decrease to Increase. Increased power of tag.
Hydro Ring
*Increased Offense debuff by 1 round
Grasping Haze
*Increased Defense buff base value by 3.5%
Erupting Geyser
*Increased Armor buff incremental value by 0.01%

Ancient Army
*Increased Defense buff base value to 6%
Medusa's Coffin
*Increased Offense debuff incremental value to 0.0725
Sanguine Cocoon
*Increased effect durations by 1 turn
Ocean's Form
*Increased armor buff duration by 1 turn

Forbidden jutsu now share a cooldown (If you use 1, all others you have tagged go on Cooldown)
Armor and Expertise tags now no longer stack as intended.
Forbidden jutsu effects are no longer clear-able.
Delay works as intended now.

08/31/17, 03:44 PM, Posted by:Administration