Elemental Mastery
Elemental Mastery (EM) is no longer a trainable stat.
Unlike before, these are "trained" through a daily quest.
EM is divided in:
*Primary: Affects the users first elemental affinity.
*Secondary: Affects the users second elemental affinity.
*Special: Affects the users special elemental affinity. Note that this only works if you have a bloodline that grants a special affinity.
What does EM do?
At low points, very little. As you get more points in it it will affect your elemental features. Chakra/Stamina costs will reduce, training time for elemental jutsu will reduce, this includes bloodline jutsu. And most importantly you'll gain more uses of the jutsu.
0 points will give you -3 uses in any elemental jutsu, as you build up this usage penalty will decrease, eventually granting you the ability to use them to their max potential.
If you change bloodlines and gain new elements, your EM stats won't change, so you don't have to worry about this.

How do I obtain these quest?
If you travel on the map you'll be able to get the Starter quests, which will grant you the repeatable quest on completion.

09/02/14, 07:20 AM, Posted by: Content Team
Six Mirrors? The Truth Revealed!
This is Hakken reporting for the Daily Seichi News. We've had updates that the mirror shards discovered by our brave shinobi forces were indeed fragments of the three legendary mirrors! To think that items from our childhood stories could really be here as a part of our world, and among us today. This reporter for one is truly amazed.

Sources close to some of our DSN reporters state that no one faction was able to complete their mirror though, resulting instead in the creation of six half mirrors! This unprecedented development could take Seichi in any direction, who knows which side will strike first in an attempt to complete their mirror and gain its godlike powers?

Finally, reports have come in stating that the individuals behind the hunt for the shards promised great power in exchange for the mirror pieces. While we don't know for certain what they meant, we believe that efforts are being made to develop this power as we speak, and we expect our brave shinobi on the front lines to reap the rewards for their efforts within a few days.

Thank you all for making this the greatest opening story a reporter could have! I look forward to becoming your number one source of news, ninja or otherwise, throughout Seichi.

Reporter Hakken for the Daily Seichi News, signing off.

09/01/14, 05:30 AM, Posted by: Reporter Hakken, DSN
Legendary Mirrors! Fact or Fiction?
This is Hakken reporting for the Daily Seichi News. Rumours of a RobedMan traveling Seichi and approaching various shinobi in the village taverns have been pouring in over the last few days. Our sources report he has been speaking to those he approaches about the three legendary mirrors that exist in some of the childhood stories many of you may remember. While our reporters cannot identify any truth to these statements, we have discovered increased activity from some of the more shadowy organizations in Seichi throughout the uncharted areas of our lands. Those who have fought these villains have discovered strange, mirror like shards on their foes.

While we don't know if these two facts are connected, what we can report is that those who hold them are guarding these shards fiercely, and their masters are looking for any word of these shards. If you find a shard yourself, we recommend contacting a higher authority with the information on the shard you possess, as we don't know what these objects may be. Trust yourselves, and we at the DSN are certain you will all make the right choice.

Thanks for reading, this is Reporter Hakken of the Daily Seichi News signing off.

08/31/14, 07:02 AM, Posted by: Reporter Hakken, DSN