The Festival of Samui is upon us!
The annual Festival of Samui is underway! Bolt over and celebrate Samui's flashy culture with style as you devour delicious Festival Platters and the ever elusive Sweet Samui Soup, only available this time of year!

But wait, there's more!

The warrior in you may be interested in a weapon carefully crafted by Samui's very own Weaponsmith's, taken from a long lost village teachings!

The more fashion inclined would be stricken to miss the opportunity to take home Samui's specialty armor as well!

Samui promises there will be more then enough festivities and curiosities to help you in /lightning/ your pockets!

11/25/15, 10:08 AM, Posted by: Reporter Hakkan, Daily Seichi New
Snicker Snack
Knelt upon the ground, blood steadily dripping from a wound upon his arm, the Elite ANBU gives his report in a shaky voice, "The Cards... They come in great numbers, but they are largely harmless. Hopeless even. Even to the weakest of our students, they're little more than a nuisance. But we... we wanted to secure the perimeter... so we took into the uncharted territories..."

He starts to shake violently as his breathing picks up, hints of fear and traces of madness within wide eyes, "The J- ... Fangs and claws and snick-snacking p-... No... no, he's just playing with us! INVINCIBLE! Neither blade, nor chakra, nor poison would faze him. He poked and prodded and harmed just enough, than took off into the mists... only to strike again. N-... No. NO! He's just playing with us!! It won't be long... things will start happening, I just know it! Minutes, hours, days?! WHO KNOWS?! But it will happen, mark my words... and it's all thanks to that cursed Ja-" furious cackles erupt from the Elite, his eyes rolling back as he madness consumed him.

We had all best be on the lookout. For now, things seem to be under control... That can't be said for the hours to come.

10/31/15, 12:55 AM, Posted by: ANBU HQ
Possible Rule Change
For those who -very- recently were, or are, being scammed for ryo please send me a Support Ticket and I'll revise your case about the possibility of getting your stolen ryo refunded. Note that this is for ryo only, and that you need to prove it - as such, if you do not have documented such to a moderator so that I can verify the legitimacy of it all, do not bother.

DO NOT PM ME WITH YOUR CASE. Seriously, do not flood my Inbox. As all case-by-case reviews, I will be doing it via Support Tickets only.

I will, unfortunately, not be looking into any case older than a month - that is because new rules do not apply retroactively. Also an important note: if we receive a billion tickets about this, our no-refunds rule will remain. This is a test I will be applying, to check the feasibility of the change.

09/30/15, 12:01 PM, Posted by: Alba