Behind the Scenes
Some major re-work of battle formula, caps, mission gains, CFH and content information have been going on behind the scenes for the last few weeks, which is why no updates have been pushed to the production domain. For more information, read the forum thread here: Here

08/21/15, 09:50 AM, Posted by: Content Team
Lottery Winners!
Lottery Drawing Time!
The lottery has been drawn, and the prize winners are:

1st Prize: pepe wins 2722725 Ryo!
2nd Prize: Parker wins 1633635 Ryo!
3rd Prize: IchigoTheKiller wins 1089090 Ryo!

Our congratulations to the winners! For those of you that didn't win, better luck next time.

08/12/15, 05:51 PM, Posted by: Lottery System
New Content Team Members
Alright, everyone, we know many of you have been waiting with bated breath to see the results of the recent round of Content Team hiring. It was heartening to see so many people with great ideas putting their best foot forward to help improve the game. A big thank you to all 14 people who applied, but unfortunately only 4 slots were open. With that said, we’d like you all to join us in welcoming DoctorBurBen, Shikayaru, SarahMcGee and Nuktuk to the Content Team. They’ve already jumped straight into discussions and the entire team is hard at work on a number of updates that will improve the game. We would ask that users avoid bombarding them with questions or messages as they get settled into their new roles, and offer them all the support they need so they can do their best work.

08/11/15, 04:13 PM, Posted by: Content Team