Lottery Winners!
Lottery Drawing Time!
The lottery has been drawn, and the prize winners are:

1st Prize: SkyTera wins 1436775 Ryo!
2nd Prize: Felepo wins 1162065 Ryo with the Prize Pot of 300000 Ryo!
3rd Prize: xrubnx wins 574710 Ryo!

Our congratulations to the winners! For those of you that didn't win, better luck next time.

01/25/15, 04:12 AM, Posted by: Lottery System
The manual has been reorganized and updated with information about bloodlines. We are aware that the table codes for jutsu are annoyingly wrong, as for some reason IPS is not supporting it, but we hope to solve it soon.

Armour values will be released soon. Bloodline jutsu will be added soon.

Keep tuned!

01/16/15, 10:51 AM, Posted by: Alba
Trinity Jubilee
The Black Lodge. A dark, gloomy Ramen Shop on the edge of the Misty Marshland. Inside a friendly light invites weary travelers. Despite this dark, gloomy building, it's surprisingly busy inside. Men and women alike flock around a robed man sitting in the center of the dining room.

"Be at ease, not all at once." The man says from underneath his cowl. "Each descendant will be able to do the Test of Remembrance. Spread the word of my presence and I will allow those with the Heritage to start their Path."

NOTE: Due to an inconvenient bug, make sure you enter the Black Lodge using the Travel Widget, not bookmarks or toolbars.

01/10/15, 07:52 AM, Posted by: The Robed Man.