Mobile Layout
We've been hard at work on implementing and developing a lot of internal systems lately. Most of these are more or less finished now, so you can expect to see more visual changes soon. The first of these visual changes is the implementation of a mobile layout, which is currently available in a beta version that can be selected in your user preferences. Since it's a significantly different layout, we expect there might be a lot of bugs in this layout currently. Please report these in the forum. Once we've reached a point where we can say that this layout is stable, we'll make it the default layout for mobile devices.

09/20/14, 11:09 AM, Posted by: Terriator
Lottery winners!
Lottery draw!
The lottery has been drawn, and the prize winners are:

1st prize: Miteydrill, 4117350 ryo, jackpot: yes
2nd prize: DarkenSoul, 988164 ryo, jackpot: no
3rd prize: Waxxygazman, 823470 ryo, jackpot: yes

Our congratulations to the winners, to those of you that didn't win, better luck next time.

09/05/14, 06:30 AM, Posted by: Lottery system
New Staff Hierarchy
As many of you have no doubt noticed, significant change has swept the upper echelons of TNR’s staff as we have transitioned into Core 3. With TNR now revitalised and better than ever, we feel it is important to inform the user base of some fundamental changes in how the staff operates.

Currently there are 3 main branches of staff - the Moderators, the Content Team, and the Event Designers. A full listing of all staff can be found in the Crew List under the Game help section of the menu.

A lot of confusion has clouded what it means to be a TNR administrator. To that end, the term has been removed and replaced with ‘Section Head’. No longer will there be a number of general administrators with no specific job description. Each Section Head is responsible for his or her team only and their authority does not extend to other sections. For example, the head of the Content Team is unequivocally the wrong person to go to for ban appeals. Final word for those types of things lies with the Head Moderators.

The Moderators are led by 3 Head Moderators - Grammardor, Kira and ApostlePhilip. These 3 are the highest authority on all matters regarding user relationships and discipline along with rule enforcement and interpretation. Ban appeals, conflicts with moderators and other day-to-day tasks are within their purview. They have the permission to activate accounts, change user emails, etc. There is no higher authority when it comes to ban appeals.

The Content Team is led by Pana. This team is responsible for developing new features, maintaining the game mechanics and generally striving to make the game fun, engaging and fair.

The Event Designers, in the absence of a dedicated Events Leader, are jointly presided over by Pana, Grammardor and Kira. For the time being, they will oversee the conduct of all TNR events and monitor the quality and conduct of the Event Designers. They will also evaluate all Event Designer Applications, which can be found in the forums, under the Freelance Jobs section.

Wolfpack16 acts as the game’s coder. His role is to bring to life all the features planned out by the Content Team, and requests by other staff as is necessary. Players are asked NOT to contact Wolfpack with mundane queries or grievances, as he is not the correct staff member to whom these should be directed.

Terriator is, as everyone knows the founder and owner of TNR. His role involves the general macro-management of the game, the oversight of all branches of staff, working with Wolfpack16 on coding and fixing bugs, and managing any and all aspects of the game that do not fall into the purview of any of the other branches of staff.

09/04/14, 12:18 AM, Posted by: TNR Management