War Note
For everyone wondering why SP numbers were suddenly adjusted, this is because a critical war bug was just fixed. The bug made it so that sabotaging SP in an enemy village also restored SP in your home village. Furthermore, the penalty for an alliance during war had not been implemented at the time and this was also adjusted. Structure points have been adjusted for Shroud, Silence & Samui with Konoki and Shine to follow. We apologize for the inconvenience.

07/13/15, 07:08 PM, Posted by: Content Team
War Update
Hey everyone, so, as per the discussion in the Town Hall thread on War, we are releasing the updates to the war system.

First, the numbers for SP destroying and healing now work on a formula similar to PvP, which means that things are dependent on relative strength instead of rank. The max SP you can destroy is 25, the minimum is 5 and for beating someone of equal strength, you will destroy on average 15 SP. Healing works on the same formula, but the base is 5, the maximum is 10 and the minimum is 1.

Second, for people with negative structure point activity (SPA), there is a new formula implemented which makes it so that the reduction in structure points destroyed or healed is affected by how negative their opponent's SPA is. So for example, if someone has -10 SP and they are killed while you are raiding, you will only destroy 90% of the SP you would have destroyed if their SPA was positive. Again, healing works the same way. Once a user reaches -100 SPA, their name will turn blue/purple on the combat page and they will have no further structure point activity from dying until they go back above -100 by either destroying or healing SP themselves.

Third, the costs of alliance during war are now 25% of the village's initial SP at the beginning of the war (i.e. if you had 20000, and you're down to 15000, it will still cost you 5000 to ally instead of 3750). It will also cost your village 1 random point from any of the upgrades (not 1 from each, just 1.) These penalties will apply once the alliance request is accepted.

Finally, when 2 villages are allied during war, operating in an allied village will mean that if you die, your ally will lose structure points and if you defend successfully, your ally will restore structure points.

We hope that this model balances things out better. It has been tested extensively on the development domain, so it should run smoothly, but as always, please report any bugs in the forum as soon as you can.

07/10/15, 09:00 AM, Posted by: Content Team
Hirings and etcs
So you want to be our slave, I mean, teammate?

This is your chance, random citizen!


07/06/15, 04:01 PM, Posted by: Alba