Lottery Winners!
Lottery Drawing Time!
The lottery has been drawn, and the prize winners are:

1st Prize: HirikuShindu wins 1487475 Ryo!
2nd Prize: CamilleUtsugi wins 892485 Ryo!
3rd Prize: WillowCrim wins 2088410 Ryo with the Prize Pot of 1493420 Ryo!

Our congratulations to the winners! For those of you that didn't win, better luck next time.

01/14/17, 11:13 AM, Posted by:Lottery System
Seichi's New Year's Rumble
New year, new kills!

If you like ryo, pops and killing newbs, this may be just the right amount of stress relief for you:

Submit to the thread ONLY. Rules and details are listed on the forum thread.

PS: The FB art contest is still ongoing till the 20th! Submit before it closes and get a chance at 40 sweet reps!

01/08/17, 05:52 PM, Posted by:Alba
Christmas Disaster!
It’s a complete disaster!

Kages from around Seichi are reporting that their Town Halls have been completely ransacked, deep gouges - likely made by scythes - are screwed across the walls and floors. And to make matters worse all of the festival presents have been stolen! And after all that work that we went through… So now, instead of happily opening presents like we had intended, people are spending the day repairing the damage caused by the thieves.

If any Shinobi wish to investigate this incident, I’m sure you’ll find some clues around Seichi.

Nevertheless, we still have a surprise for you! Penguins! As nightstands! Silly, right? These feathered creatures would love to stand next to your bed. I hear you can even teach them to hold something for you in their beaks!

12/25/16, 11:10 AM, Posted by: