Event and Incoming Update
Core 2 Event
The event rewards for the closing event of core 2 have been handed out to all winners, and we of the event team thank all of you who participated for giving core 2 the sendoff it deserved. Congratulations to those rewarded, and we hope you have enjoyed being part of the event as much as we did running it.

Though it was the final event of core 2, plans are already in the works for the first events of core 3, and we hope to see all of you getting involved to make them the best events they can be. Best of luck to all of you, and we will see you out there before too long.

All the best and thanks once more, TNR Event Team.

NOTE: Event items are not trade-able until further notice.

Moving village
Quite a few people have relayed to us that they are uncomfortable with the way they were moved. For this reason the only penalty on moving village will be the Respect Status lock. Your regeneration will remain untouched if you decided to switch to another village.
This system will stay like this till Mid September, after which movement penalties will be re-instated.

Elemental Mastery
It is also important to note that we are working on an update for Elemental Mastery (a chuunin and higher stat), and as such it is ill-advised to train it at this point. We'll remove the option to train it and its effects soon to minimize inconvenience.

Suggestion and Bug Forum
As people might know, there is a Bug Report forum and a Suggestion Forum. These sub-forums are subjected to the same rules as all other forums, but have additional guidelines that have to be followed.

All Bugs HAVE to be reported in the Bug Report forum. This is needed in order for the Coders, Terriator and Wolfpack16, to get a clear overview which bugs have/haven't been handled.

The suggestion forum guidelines are in place for various reasons. The main reason being that it makes you think your suggestion through before posting it. Even though that subforum has been somewhat neglected lately, we DO look at it, and when the post-release plans have been implemented, we will start working on adding the good suggestions from that forum to the game.

08/11/14, 09:25 AM, Posted by: Event Team
It Started
Hey Ninjas!

We at TheNinja-RPG are very happy to see so much enthusiasm since the release of Core 3. We broke 500 members online, something we haven't seen in quite an extensive time, and the number of problems are really small.

Again we would like to thank the staff for their hard work, the Beta testers for their help in finding and fixing bugs and of course the users for their input.

Some notes though;
*Core 3 also has rules. They can be found on the top of the screen, below the logo. Please read them thoroughly, it's quite possible that your PM was ignored because one did not follow the rules.
*Staff will not reveal details on jutsu, bloodlines and items. You will have to be inventive and figure out what everything does by yourself, or with other users.
*If you have problems with how your rep was transferred, or it wasn't transferred at all, please contact us through the Helpdesk, found in the Forum.
*Bugs go to the Bug report forum. ALWAYS follow the guidelines.
*Suggestions to improve the game can go to the Suggestion Forum. Note that suggestions have low priority. We're still implementing things for C3.
*We are still looking for art, achievements and the such. The Freelance forum has threads for this. All submissions that get accepted are worth rep.

I hope all of you will enjoy playing the new Core!

08/05/14, 03:27 AM, Posted by: TNR Staff
C3 Official Launch
Hey Ninjas,

We at TheNinja-RPG have some very exciting news to bring you. All of our (and your) hard work on the Beta has paid off and we now have a concrete date for the release of Core 3. This date is August 3rd. This means we'll be taking down the game sometime around the 1st or 2nd to prep the server, change over the domain, and transfer accounts over.
We'd like to thank all of our staff, both past and present, our Closed Beta and Open Beta testers, and all of our users for everything. We look forward to playing Core 3 alongside you. You can check out the evolution of TNR and Terriator's journey up to this point at:

To ring in this new era, we are holding a giveaway to help you "Start off OP in Core 3"! Three winners will win their choice of bloodlines (based on which rank they win) and a sum of Popularity Points. You can enter by clicking the "Giveaway" tab on the Facebook Page or by entering here:
Again, Following our Twitter in this giveaway can gain you an increased chance to win but remember not to Unfollow or your extra chance will be removed.

Good luck in the giveaway and in the new core!

07/29/14, 03:28 AM, Posted by: TNR Staff