A little something for the 4year of Core3:
Increased Regeneration: Regeneration has been increased by 10%
Increased PVP: PVP gains have been increased by 150%
Increased Training Gains: All training gains have been increased by 150%
Reduced Item Prices: All item prices have been reduced by 50%
Increased Village Funds Gain: All VF gains from PVP battles increased by 3.
Decreased Hospital Prices: Hospital prices reduced by 50%
Increased Mission/Crimes Gains: Missions/crimes payout increased by 150%
Increased Jutsu Exp Gain: Jutsu exp gain increased by 250% during PvP battles.

08/05/18, 02:15 AM, Posted by:Pana
Day Five - The Final Hunt!
Good morning, Seichi~! Seishiro here with, you guessed it, another Easter egg hunt~! On this day we're smack dab in Konoki's beautiful forests with the birds chirping and the winds gently breezing by~! Joining me today we have Nikkō, the owner of the Black Lodge and the head chef here~!

Hello miss Seishiro, I hope you've had fun with all of the other ramen shops around Seichi, and I hope our Shinobi friends have enjoyed the riddles! For those of you aching for one last push, I offer just that. If you get stumped too much, come on down and take a break with a nice meal~!

Promises of the best riddle yet? I can't wait to see who will figure this one out~! Well, Shinobi of the land, are you up for the challenge or will you let the final challenge stump you? Until next time, Seishiro out~!

04/04/18, 11:26 PM, Posted by:Daily Seichi News
Day Four - Southern Swamp Soiree
Good morning Seichi~! Seishiro here once again and back in action with another Easter egg hunt! That's right, this time we've been invited by the proud owner of the Raymon Shoop, here in Shroud's own Swamp of Sorrow! Joining me today we have Giniko~!

Well howdy miss Seichiro! Well, we here at my Raymon Shoop love nothin' more than than a little danger in our diet. Once you fancy city Shinobi solve my riddle, you'll have a heck of a time wrastlin' it to safety for sure!

Ooooh, less thinking and more brute force this time around~? I think I like it! There you have it, Shinobi of Seichi~! This one sounds like it'll fight back a lot more than the others, so get your guard up and be ready!

04/03/18, 11:31 PM, Posted by:Daily Seichi News