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C3 Official Launch
Hey Ninjas,

We at TheNinja-RPG have some very exciting news to bring you. All of our (and your) hard work on the Beta has paid off and we now have a concrete date for the release of Core 3. This date is August 3rd. This means we'll be taking down the game sometime around the 1st or 2nd to prep the server, change over the domain, and transfer accounts over.
We'd like to thank all of our staff, both past and present, our Closed Beta and Open Beta testers, and all of our users for everything. We look forward to playing Core 3 alongside you. You can check out the evolution of TNR and Terriator's journey up to this point at:

To ring in this new era, we are holding a giveaway to help you "Start off OP in Core 3"! Three winners will win their choice of bloodlines (based on which rank they win) and a sum of Popularity Points. You can enter by clicking the "Giveaway" tab on the Facebook Page or by entering here:
Again, Following our Twitter in this giveaway can gain you an increased chance to win but remember not to Unfollow or your extra chance will be removed.

Good luck in the giveaway and in the new core!

07/29/14, 03:29 AM, TNR Staff, See comments
Creative Winners
Okay everyone! Please give a healthy congratulations to the winners of the Bloodline and Jutsu creation contests.
Upon the start of Core 3, the following people will be rewarded. Those that created a bloodline, will get that bloodline. And those that created 1 or more more jutsu will get 10 rep per jutsu.

Bloodline Winners
Elusive Furnace - EveVII
Savage Hurricane - Mikaela
Heavenly Decree - shadowarmy
Defiant Treant - Slushie
Steamborn Muse - Truebanks
Mizugumo - Edgy_Edge
Steel Sovereign - Xeonshade

Rep - Jutsu winners
10 - HellFrost
30 - Darkwhite
30 - EveVII
10 - truebanks
30 - Apocalipse
10 - BAddY
10 - Buston
30 - Shadowarmy
20 - marythecatgirl
10 - Lethean
20 - Ryuku
10 - Edgy_Edge
10 - CavernsofChaos

NOTE: It's possible that your bloodline and/or jutsu has changed a bit from the actual submission.

07/12/14, 03:24 AM, Content Team, See comments
Core 3, Open Beta
Hey everyone,

So it might be a little later than we'd all been hoping for, but Core 3 development is finally moving into its final testing phase: open beta. For the past few weeks, a number of selected users and staff members have been helping the development team to identify and correct all the bugs and glitches in Core 3's architecture. Already countless problems have been taken care of, and now there's only a bit more to go.

During this open beta phase, registration will be open to any and all members of the public on the development domain, which can be found at: "http://www.theninja-development.com". Any one is free to register an account and play the game as they would normally. This open beta phase will last between 1 to 2 weeks and during this time it is important that users immediately report any feature or aspect of the game that isn't behaving the way it should be.

The staff would like to remind everyone that, even though this is a testing phase, all TNR rules and the terms of service still apply in full. After this testing phase is complete, the development domain will be reset and the full transfer of all characters from Core 2 will take place. This will be followed by the formal release of Core 3, which we hope you're all as excited for as we are.

We know the timeline is a bit further along than expected, but hey, whoever said a little suspense was a bad thing?

07/09/14, 01:53 AM, TNR Staff, See comments

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