Dance of the Tengu!
Despite the bitter chill in the air, hundreds of Seichi residents have gathered in the Shrouded Savanah for a chance to glimpse the most stunning of Kites in action! From group events that feature flocks belonging to multiple handlers, to solo runs where individual Kites show off their skills, the day is sure to impress!

But, of course, there is more to this display than simply showing off. The Dance of the Kites represents our gratitude to the great Tengu, the large winged beings of legend, who deign to protect our land rather than wreak havoc like the stories of old tell us.

The Kites, thought to be the mortal descendants of our local Tengu, are almost sacred. They are treated as god-kin rather than humble beasts. We are proud to come together as a single nation to watch them soar - with hopes that the great Tengu watch with pride from their mountains and forests.

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