The Winter Solstice
With the Solstice at hand, the time has finally come to pay our tribute to the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu. Our finest artisans have been hard at work, fashioning substantial offering bags to the Goddess that you may use to pay your respects - they should have been delivered to your item shops early this morning.

We hope that our fine weapon and armor smiths have been busy this season, as their crafts will be the foundation for your personal offerings, alongside our humble gift. With your handcrafted armor and weapons, you may pledge yourself as our Goddess’s vassal.

With our small offering and your weapon in hand, you may head to the Howling Den to place your gifts. Likewise, those with armor may take their gifts to the Flame Peak. Be wary of the beasts that lurk, however - rumor has it that Amaterasu herself has blessed them with great power.

Who knows - if you’re lucky, you may even glimpse the Sun Goddess herself.

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