Server's Doom Rewards
Starting this Saturday (20/05), all global daily bonuses will be turned on at the same time until Tuesday (23/05). From the 24th until the 31st, bonus PVP and Jutsu Exp daily bonusus will be turned on alongside the regular ones.

That's not all! Other news will be coming!

Edit 01: 20 reps have been added to all players! What will be the last surprise?

Edit 02 (blue messages): All compensatory PVP related bonuses are on hold until the lag issue is resolved. Unfortunately as this is a server side issue, we have no ETA.~ Alba

Increased Regen Boost has been set off until the number disparities are corrected. It will be re-issued for the intended 4 days once fixed. ~Alba

Edit 03: We're doing our best to try and solve the lag issue quickly, but no one's sure of how long it will last unfortunately. I'll be updating you guys regularly on the situation.

05/19/17, 12:37 PM, Posted by:Administration