Balance tweaks
Blood Boil
*Gen: Increased Will debuff incremental value to 0.12
*Gen: Increased Accuracy buff base value by 5%
Call of the Kraken
*Reduced Will debuff duration to 1 round
*New effect: 3 round Armor buff.
Dark Cloud
*New effect: Clear offense.
Abyssal Demoralization
*Reduced Offense debuff base and increment.

Rock Casing
*Fixed missing duration indicator.

Black Water
*New effect: Clear offense
Mountain Crush:
*Removed wind-dot clear
*Increased Expertise debuff incremental value to 0.105
Throne of Destruction
*Removed offense buff clear
Hell's Fireball
*Increased damage values

Boulder Bomb
*Increased Accuracy debuff by 1 round
Earth Slam
*Changed Armor decrease to Increase. Increased power of tag.
Hydro Ring
*Increased Offense debuff by 1 round
Grasping Haze
*Increased Defense buff base value by 3.5%
Erupting Geyser
*Increased Armor buff incremental value by 0.01%

Ancient Army
*Increased Defense buff base value to 6%
Medusa's Coffin
*Increased Offense debuff incremental value to 0.0725
Sanguine Cocoon
*Increased effect durations by 1 turn
Ocean's Form
*Increased armor buff duration by 1 turn

Forbidden jutsu now share a cooldown (If you use 1, all others you have tagged go on Cooldown)
Armor and Expertise tags now no longer stack as intended.
Forbidden jutsu effects are no longer clear-able.
Delay works as intended now.

08/31/17, 03:44 PM, Posted by:Administration