Minor tweaks.
The following changes were made.
Shadow Ambush(Buki) -> Reduced DOT by 1 round.
Shadow Ambush(all) -> Increased cooldown by 1.
Earthshaker Stance(Buki) -> Reduced DOT by 1 round.
Swift Step Stance(Buki) -> Reduced DOT by 1 round.
Subterranean Dragon -> Removed Expertise debuff. Increased base damage.
Maelstrom Armor had their switched values corrected.
Eye of the Storm -> Added Damage over Time.
Vacuum Wave -> Added Damage over Time.
Stoneshard Spire -> Removed Expertise debuff. Added Defense buff
Earth Slam -> Removed Armor buff, added Expertise debuff.
Divine Lightblast -> Recoil reduced. 10+0.025 -> 0+0.025

09/19/17, 04:26 AM, Posted by:Administration