Email Failure

If you use Support Tickets, please pay attention to the following:

Our forum email system is currently unuseable, which means that while we are able to receive tickets, the system is failing to send a reply to the user.

If you wish to submit ban appeals, paypal shenanigans, rep/fed buying issues and account activation, or any issue that would ordinarily be solved through Support Tickets, please contact me directly in-game (AlbaficaPisces), or through PMs on forum.

If you're having an issue with account validation, please check this ( for more details.

I'm deeply sorry for the inconvenience, and hopeful that it won't last.

Edit: Forum email validation, as well as Support Tickets, should be working properly. Please submit Tickets for ban appeals/paypal stuff/account shenanigans, if needed.

09/26/17, 01:37 PM, Posted by:Alba