Jutsu Updates and Bloodline Updates
Jutsu updates
Cranial Abuse -> Int debuff is now an int buff.
Momentum Twister -> Replaced Armor buff with Expertise buff.
Ball Lightning -> Replaced Chakra Power buff with Expertise debuff.
Piercing Strike -> Removed DoT. Increased damage.
Raijin's Claws -> Removed DoT. Increased damage.
Inner Spark -> Will Buff is now Will Debuff.
Thunder Clap -> Replaced Disable with Stagger.
Lightning Belt -> Replaced Disable with Stagger.
Static Halt -> Replaced Disable with Stagger.
Fusion Technique: Wind Lord -> Replaced Expertise Debuff with Expertise Buff.
Spectral Shock -> Replaced Armor debuff with Will debuff.
Neuro Shock -> Replaced Strength debuff with Armor debuff.
Tesla's Torment -> New effect; Strenght debuff. Reduced Defense debuff values.
Boulder Punch -> Reduced Damage, increased Intel debuff value.
Vortex Blade -> Increased base damage, reduced damage increment. Reduced base defense debuff, increased defense debuff growth. Hardcapped values unchanged.
Highrise Yo-yo -> Removed Crit Down. Changed Chakra Power debuff to Chakra Power self buff
Crimson Windlord -> Changed Accuracy debuff to Accuracy self buff
Black Water -> Removed Delay effect. Added Intel buff.

All Village Bloodlines excluding those of the Highest-type have been reworked
All Village Bloodlines, including highest, will now stick to a randomly assigned offense.
All Highest bloodlines will now stick to a randomly assigned offense. (This means that if you roll Vaporia, it will now be for example Vaporia (Nin). Changing specialization no longer changes the offensive orientation.)

New Purchase Options
You can now buy a random Village bloodline in the Black Market. Only those from the village you are in are obtainable.
You can now buy a random bloodline of an Offense.
*If you choose this, you can get one of the previous Highest for example Endless Erosion. If you do, you get it in the offense of the type you bought.

10/13/17, 12:39 PM, Posted by:Administration