The Oni Gate Crisis
Greetings, shinobi!

It’s about time that we shed a bit of light on the past few issues that Seichi has endured, to bring those who are unaware up to speed. At a first glance, we believed this to be the doing of the dastardly Naga who has been suspiciously absent in the past few months. However, with the opening of the Oni Gate, we learned of a new foe: Shimo Kurokumo, an ancient Commander from Glacier… a relic, in his own right.

Shimo, with the outside assistance of our Halloween wrongdoer - coined a Witch by those who faced her - were able to open an Oni Gate. A literal gate into the underworld. He released hundreds of once-dead shinobi into the world, while he fled to his home village to plot. The ANBU Elites were able to eliminate most of this undead hoard, while powerful shinobi filtered towards the Ruins of Glacier to destroy Shimo.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Shimo was able to escape a killing blow. Despite the hoard being destroyed by his own tactics, there is still a grave threat to Seichi. Researchers have been recording chakra induced seismic activity, indicating that his power is growing with each passing day.

Seichi is not afraid, however! We aim to destroy this foe once and for all! If we’re going to do this, however, we’re going to do it on our own terms. Messengers have dispatched notice of our challenge to this fiend - we do not believe he will forfeit his sense of honor by not showing up.

This said, our challenge will take place in the Ruins of Current - the village destroyed around the same time as Glacier. A symbolic statement. We will be assembled at the Ruins around 5 PM (Game Time) on Saturday, the 25th. I implore all shinobi to work as allies for the time - this threat is more than petty rivalries. It will take the best of the best to finish him off - the plan is to bombard him relentlessly until he falls, and that will require some amount of cooperation.

So, shinobi, it’s time that we band together, at least for a brief while, and prove that no outside - or undead - forces can dare to think that they can assault our home and get away with their lives!

11/23/17, 01:36 PM, Posted by:Reporter Hakkan, Daily Seichi News