Victory of the Century
Hello, shinobi of Seichi!

We, here at Daily Seichi News, cannot express just how proud we are currently! Seichi pulled together, even if only for the briefest of moments, and fought to take down this foe - and take him down we did! If nothing, this was proof that Seichi's broken divide cannot be taken advantage of - we will defend her as a whole!

The battles yesterday were filled with amazing skill - and horrifying gore. The brave shinobi that lead the charges against Shimo sustained heavy wounds, falling back to allow fresh allies to take their places - in the end, it was down to just one.

Newg stepped up to the plate, even after watching the gore of his fellow Shinobi - even after enduring Shimo's wrath once before. With all of Shimo's wounds, however, this fight was much different. They were on even footing. The battle was short, however it was more intense than we could have imagined.

Towards the end, it was anyone's guess as to who would win - both seemed ready to drop at a moment's notice. We watched in horror as Shimo gathered his energy for a final assault, drawing lightning to him... imagine our surprise when he was blown from his feet, a brand new gash opening along his chest.

Newg had recovered and was able to deal a final strike before Shimo could gather his strength, and the entirety of Seichi watched with rapt attention as he moved in for the kill blow, allowing his wind prowess to end our foe's life. Today, we praise our victor - we praise those who fought alongside him - we praise those who would have laid down their lives for him! For this, we have put together a few small rewards as a show of appreciation.

For all - A second daily event, to go along with increased mission gains: All training gains have been increased by 100%.
For Shroud - For being home to our victor, for producing such fine shinobi: 2000 Village Funds have been added.
For Newg - Our team is putting together a fine reward for our victor, but it's reveal will be up to him.

11/26/17, 08:05 AM, Posted by:Reporter Hakkan, Daily Seichi News