Sandy Claws!
Happy holidays, Seichi!

There’s been a bit of activity lately - a faux Santa Claus (“Sandy Claws”) has been jumping from village to village for some… nefarious purposes, we can only assume. He doesn’t seem very competent though - actually, he seems rather harmless.

Still! Seichi has been able to hold him off thus far, and with great ease. Perhaps we should turn this into a bit of a game? He’s already been sighted around once or twice this morning, so he’ll inevitably be going after the villages again, soon! Let’s see how many times each village can run him off!

Samui - 7
Shine - 1
Silence - 6
Shroud - 0
Konoki - 1

Don’t feel too pressured to be around, though - this is just a silly game. Sandy Claws doesn’t seem to have any ability to cause any real harm, so this is mostly just a bit of fun, while keeping our borders nice and clear.

12/19/17, 10:42 AM, Posted by:Reporter Hakkan, Daily Seichi News