An ... odd conclusion
Oh dear... it looks like Sandy Claws was just trying to give a holiday gift to everyone in Seichi... Sometime in the last days, he managed to sneak into the villages, and leave shiny coins for everyone - we've even heard rumor of a shop being set up in the Black Market. Of course, the presents aren't all that wild, but... everyone did mercilessly beat him up time and time again.

That being said, it looks like Samui won the little game - Congrats on keeping your comrades safe! In truth - everyone did wonderfully. Although we incorrectly assumed Sandy Claws' intentions, we did manage to keep our borders safe... for the most part, anyway.

Happy Holidays, Seichi, and enjoy your prizes!

12/25/17, 10:21 AM, Posted by:Reporter Hakkan, Daily Seichi News