Day One - Monkeying Around!
Good Morning Seichi~! Seishiro here reporting live from atop the Skyview Restaraunt where the owner, Sukaibyū-san, has decided to host an Easter egg hunt for all Shinobi across the land~! Isn't that right Sukaibyū-san?

That's right, Miss Seishiro-san. All who come to my ramen shop are allowed to participate, just grab a flier from your local item shops, have fun with the riddle, and don't forget to grab a bite to eat when you come claim your prize! I have the best ramen in the land, after all! But be careful for those dastardly monkeys! They would love to steal those eggs and eat them all right from under your nose!

Thank you, Sukaibyū-san~! There you have it folks, a great meal and some nice, family friendly fun!

04/01/18, 12:01 AM, Posted by:Daily Seichi News