Day Two - Sunshine Glory!
Good Morning Seichi~! Seishiro here, reporting to you once again! I'm standing in the blistering heat, enjoying some delicious pan-seared ramen here at the Hot Pan~! Why you ask? Because Furaipan-san has decided to match, and quite possibly outdo Sukaibyū-san's egg hunt from yesterday~! How exciting, isn't that right, Furaipan-san~?

Of course, Seishiro-san! That dingus Sukaibyū knows nothing of our great ramen, here at the Hot Plate! "Best ramen in the land" indeed. Hmph! I'm holding an Easter egg hunt of my own, but there won't be any monkeys stealing my eggs, no siree! And good luck solving my riddle, me and my family spent all night on it!

There we have it folks~! He's determined to bring out only the strongest and most perceptive of the land in this challenging competition~! But my question is, will there be more competition in the future, or will Furaipan-san have the best Easter egg hunt in all of Seichi~? Good luck hunting.~

04/01/18, 09:13 PM, Posted by:Daily Seichi News