Day Three - Following the Trend
Good morning Seichi~! It's your favorite newscaster, Seishiro here once again with yet another Easter egg hunt! We're heading back over to the territories of Silence to cool off from yesterday, and we're meeting with Kabā-san here at The Shaded Rest Inn.~ Tell us, what's your take on this whole egg hunting situation?

I think it's pretty great, ya know? Getting out there for some fun. I guess I kinda wanted to put my hand in this basket, if you catch my drift.

Oh...You just made that bad of a pun on live T.V. Ouch.~ Well, Shinobi across the land, once again your attention is being called! Can you find his hidden egg and claim the victory, or will you be stumped!? Will more Ramen stand owners step up to the plate and give in to this trend!? Let's find out tomorrow~!

04/02/18, 10:06 PM, Posted by:Daily Seichi News