Day Five - The Final Hunt!
Good morning, Seichi~! Seishiro here with, you guessed it, another Easter egg hunt~! On this day we're smack dab in Konoki's beautiful forests with the birds chirping and the winds gently breezing by~! Joining me today we have Nikkō, the owner of the Black Lodge and the head chef here~!

Hello miss Seishiro, I hope you've had fun with all of the other ramen shops around Seichi, and I hope our Shinobi friends have enjoyed the riddles! For those of you aching for one last push, I offer just that. If you get stumped too much, come on down and take a break with a nice meal~!

Promises of the best riddle yet? I can't wait to see who will figure this one out~! Well, Shinobi of the land, are you up for the challenge or will you let the final challenge stump you? Until next time, Seishiro out~!

04/04/18, 11:26 PM, Posted by:Daily Seichi News