TNR ChangeLog
Following entries reflect the latest changes to the game. The list may be incomplete, but we strive to post an entry everytime we change something. Changes marked with '[Code]' reflect changes in the code - such changes are not always immidiately uploaded to the main server, but rather reflect changes being implemented on our development environment; i.e. soon to be released updates.
Change ID Author Date Info
v.1.634 Pana 12-02-19 Increased Naginata's Durability to match chuunin weapon durability.
v.1.633 Pana 10-02-19 Renamed Numbing Darts to Thunder Javelin. Fixed Description.
v.1.632 Pana 27-07-18 Reduced Luxury House costs
v.1.631 Pana 13-06-18 Edited Shockwave bombardment, slightly reduced damage, removed crit-buff.
v.1.63 Pana 07-05-18 Moved Soldier Pills from ANBU shop to Item Shop. Increased price.
v.1.629 Pana 29-04-18 Increased Star Wind Wall damage and Offense buff
v.1.628 Pana 29-04-18 Added Off-debuff clear to Wind Step. Slightly increased damage.
v.1.627 Pana 27-04-18 Updated Divine Lightblast
v.1.626 Pana 27-04-18 Updated Lightning Ninjutsu at Elite Jounin.
v.1.625 Pana 27-04-18 Updated Fire Ninjutsu at Elite Jounin.
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