TNR ChangeLog
Following entries reflect the latest changes to the game. The list may be incomplete, but we strive to post an entry everytime we change something. Changes marked with '[Code]' reflect changes in the code - such changes are not always immidiately uploaded to the main server, but rather reflect changes being implemented on our development environment; i.e. soon to be released updates.
Change ID Author Date Info
v.1.624 Pana 27-04-18 Increased "Desert Art: Death Blaze (Tai)" damage, reduced Critical Strike buff
v.1.623 Pana 27-04-18 Removed Disable from "Divinity of Force"
v.1.622 Pana 27-04-18 Fixed an issue with Village bloodline special element weakness/resistance not working.
v.1.621 Pana 27-04-18 Removed Stagger from Gate Strike: Lightning Belt
v.1.62 Pana 22-04-18 Reduced Pop Point bags cost to 5 pops.
v.1.619 Pana 22-04-18 Added Rare Gem to the Pop Point bags.
v.1.618 Pana 22-04-18 Added Phoenix Cider to the Pop Point bags.
v.1.617 Pana 22-04-18 Removed Chicken Sculpture from the Pop Point bags.
v.1.616 Pana 20-04-18 Removed Defibrillator Assault's stagger. Increase Stength Debuff.
v.1.615 Pana 12-04-18 Increased heal delay for Pepper Bomb from 1 to 2 rounds.
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