TNR ChangeLog
Following entries reflect the latest changes to the game. The list may be incomplete, but we strive to post an entry everytime we change something. Changes marked with '[Code]' reflect changes in the code - such changes are not always immidiately uploaded to the main server, but rather reflect changes being implemented on our development environment; i.e. soon to be released updates.
Change ID Author Date Info
v.1.612 Pana 20-03-18 Halved diplomacy loss from battles.
v.1.611 Pana 20-03-18 Increased bounty hunter exp gain
v.1.61 Pana 14-03-18 Added a damage bonus to none-elemental jutsu for Village bloodlines. 10% for A rank, 7.5% for B-rank and 5% for C-rank. Only applies to the bloodlines chosen offense.
v.1.609 Pana 10-03-18 Downtuned the Crit buff on Arc Wind
v.1.608 Pana 11-11-17 Summoning: Ninja Chicken disabled until the PvP bug is fixed.
v.1.607 Pana 23-10-17 Reduced Gate Strike: Falling Comet damage and recoil
v.1.606 Pana 23-10-17 Removed Delay from Disable
v.1.605 Pana 23-10-17 Removed Delay from Stagger
v.1.604 Pana 23-10-17 Downgraded Chuunin Elemental Quest AI.
v.1.603 Pana 17-10-17 Reduced Fusion Technique: Wind Lord's offense debuff
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