TNR ChangeLog
Following entries reflect the latest changes to the game. The list may be incomplete, but we strive to post an entry everytime we change something. Changes marked with '[Code]' reflect changes in the code - such changes are not always immidiately uploaded to the main server, but rather reflect changes being implemented on our development environment; i.e. soon to be released updates.
Change ID Author Date Info
v.1.578 Pana 08-01-17 Reduced Mountain Crush's armor debuff by 1 round
v.1.577 Pana 18-12-16 Reduced Inner Lights healing and usage
v.1.576 Pana 26-11-16 Updated CFH join calculation
v.1.575 Pana 26-11-16 Changed difficulty on a number of C-rank missions
v.1.574 Pana 26-11-16 Restricted a number of C-rank missions to certain villages.
v.1.573 Pana 19-11-16 Updated occupations.
v.1.572 Pana 14-11-16 Reduced Gattling Impact's armor debuff by 1 round.
v.1.571 Pana 30-10-16 Adjusted villager and syndicate diplomacy gains per run.
v.1.57 Pana 30-10-16 Syndicate members that join a village lose all diplomacy in villages other than the one they joined.
v.1.569 Pana 30-10-16 Added a repair option for Syndicate in the Gamblers Valley.
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