What are Clans?

A Clan is a gathering of like-minded ninja of the same offense (or should be) that work together to strengthen each other and their village. Clan members must all be from the same village. To join a clan, you must be invited by a Leader or Coleader. Features Clans offer are:

  • One clan-based offense boost (up to 1.5%)
  • One clan-based defense boost (up to 1.5%)
  • Private Clan Chat
  • Clan Agenda

The offense/defense boosts are earned 0.25% at a time by the clan leaders spending Clan Points on them. Clan Points are earned through raiding.

Clan Leaderboard

Clans are measured on their activity on a Village-wide ranking board. From this leaderboard, you can see each clan's activity, abilities, members, and agenda. Clan activity decays by approximately 25% every Thursday, while Clan Funds stay until spent.

Being a Leader

Being the Leader of a clan allows you to:

  • Spend Clan Points
  • Edit Clan Agenda
  • Invite/Kick Members
  • Resign and give Leadership over to another member

Additional Clan Information

Only Commanders may create clans. For any other rank to be named clan leader, the Commander must pass leadership to them. Clans may also hold their own contests to get their members motivated.

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