Frequently Asked Questions

Often, newcomers seem to have some of the most basic questions. This section is to help answer some of the most commonly occurring questions.

Playing the Game

Stats, Battle, and Training

  1. How should I train?
    • Choose what offense you want to use and choose a sensei based on that.
    • Try the Stat Thread on the forums dedicated to this question as well as for personal help.
  2. Why is regen so important?
    • Regen fills your pools faster, and therefore helps you train faster!
  3. How can I get my experience up quickly?
    • Training even ratios of the ninjutsu or genjutsu stat, along with the taijutsu or weapon stat will yield more experience.
  4. What do Willpower, Speed, Strength, and Intelligence do?
  5. What is 'raid'?
    • A raid is when a group of people ranked Chuunin or higher travel to another village and attack and kill as many people from that village as possible.
  6. When can I start raiding?
    • Spar your villagers and ask them for comments.
  7. Why is it that my attacks keep getting blocked?
    • Your opponent's defense is considerably stronger than your attacks. Train your offense and generals more.
  8. How much experience do you need to level a jutsu?
    • Normal jutsu: 1,000 exp.
    • Special jutsu: 2,000 exp.
    • Forbidden jutsu: 5,000 exp.
  9. What's the best jutsu?
    • No jutsu really beats another, it depends on the users stats, jutsu level, and bloodline.
    • Check the Jutsu section in this very manual!
    • The Bloodline Thread goes over bloodline jutsu. Or check the Bloodlines in this manual.
  10. Why does my stun jutsu not have a stun text?
    • The stun text only shows up when you are the attacker.
  11. How do the stat caps work?
    • The stat caps are for each stat, not total, so the cap for offense means you can have each offense up to that amount.

Special Titles and Ranks

  1. What do Kages get that's special?
    • You get to spend the village’s funds as you dictate, run the village, delete user's posts in the tavern, you gain the title 'Kage of (Village)', and your name in the tavern turns bolded black.
  2. How can I become Kage?
    • You beat the current Kage in battle.
    • After you've become a Jounin or higher ranked, you can go to your village's Town Hall and click 'Check Kage'. You'll now find a link to Challenge the Kage. Click it and you'll be put into battle against the village's Kage. Win, and the title is yours.
    • You cannot challenge your Kage if your Kage is raiding or is asleep. Some Kage sleep for vast amounts of time in order to avoid challenges; this is called 'Kage holding' and is highly disrespected, even bannable. 'Kage Holding' is all but obsolete due to the new PvP exp requirements.
  3. How can I join an ANBU?
    • The Kage can make the squad and appoint the Squad's leader, name, and orders.
      • The Squad Leader must be ranked Jounin or higher.
    • The Squad Leader can then recruit up to nine additional members.
      • Members of a squad must be ranked Chuunin or higher.
  4. Where can I get a sensei?
    • Ask around in your local tavern!
    • Although you must be a Genin to have a sensei under your profile, 'unofficial' senseis in nindos are common.


  1. What happened to Horizon?
    • It was deleted due to issues with the War System.
  2. How do I format my nindo?
    • [b]text[/b] to bold
    • [i]text[/i] to italicize
    • [u]text[/u] to underline
    • For more check here.
  3. What are alliances for?
    • Alliances are a part of the war system.
    • The war system allows villages to war with each other. Once war is declared, the object is to destroy the opposing village's structure points. Once they hit all hit zero, that village loses.
  4. Can I roll a bloodline after using my free roll?
    • Yes, through the use of bloodline items.
      • These can be bought in the Black Market (you will need Reputation points or Popularity points).
    • Only one free roll is allowed, no matter what the circumstances. If you use a bloodline item first, you won't get a free roll, ever.
  5. Does the chance to get a bloodline in free roll vary in different rank or exp or timer?
    • The chance to get a bloodline never increases or decreases over time nor it varies in different ranks or different exp. It is always the same no matter what rumor you hear.
  6. How do I roll for my bloodline?
    • Go to the Old Cabin after you rank up to Genin, it's located at (12,6), the center of the compass rose on the map.
    • Remember, there is only a 20% chance you will get a bloodline at all.
  7. What's the occupation cap?
    • The level cap and gain cap are now +20.
    • You can increase your occupation gains with loyalty bonuses.
  8. I went outlaw, joined my village again and I lost regen?!
    • It's not a bug, your regen gets decreased for 4 days.
      • On the first day, your regeneration is cut to 50%. From the second through fourth, your regeneration is cut to 60%
    • Temporary regeneration bought from the Black Market is also reduced.
  9. I got stuck in battle/hospital….!
    • Before you post a bug report make sure you haven´t made a mistake: is it really the same battle? did you check the hospital timer?
  10. I tried to … but it says you cannot access this page?
    • Check if you are asleep, in battle, or in the hospital.
  11. I can't claim my levels!
    • Make sure you are awake.
  12. What is the 'Suspicious Door' for?
    • It currently has no purpose but may later be used.

Game Mechanics

Account Safety

  1. Why do I want a second account?
    • Most people use their second account to make ryo. Whether this be as an Outlaw or to just run Errands/Small Crimes all day long.
    • Since SJ cannot attack Chuunin, some create 'alts' to raid.
  2. Why can I only have two accounts? It won't let me register!
    • As stated in the rules, any person is allowed one alt. An excess of unused characters just take up wasted room in the game's database, and give an unfair advantage to the person with all the extra accounts.
    • To enforce this, any one IP address can only create up to two accounts on the site. If this is preventing you from creating an account, there's probably a good reason for that. Go to school, your local library, a friends' house, anywhere else and create an account there.
      • When you delete an account (and it is fully removed, entirely deleted and not just marked to be deleted), the memory of it will be removed from the database. Thus, freeing you to create another account under the IP restrictions or under the same email address.
  3. Can I give away my account when: I quit/don´t need it?
    • No, account sharing (and giving away) is bannable and will most likely result in that account’s deletion.
  4. Can I buy fed from other users?
    • Yes. They can go to your profile and give you an active subscription of Federal Support. Just be careful you don't get scammed.


  1. Where do I download this game?
    • It's a browser based game, so there is no need to download anything.
    • FireFox browser may be recommended for its easy to access bookmarks and tabs, though this does not affect game-play.
  2. What do I need to get an avatar?
    • You can upload an avatar when you reach Genin rank. The picture must be equal to or less than 100×100 pixels and 25kb.
      • To increase the maximum dimensions of your avatar to 150×150 pixels and 100kb, you must become a federal supporter.
    • The only file type currently accepted is .gif. As to preserve your picture's color, we recommend that you save the file as a .png or .jpg, and then manually change the file extension.
      • In order to do this you will have to go to My Computer → Tools → Folder Options → Hide/Unhide Known File Extensions. After you unhide known file extensions, you should be able to change extensions when renaming files.
  3. How do I get a nindo?
    • You can create and edit your nindo at any time! Go through your Preferences and click on “Nindo”.
      • Nindo have a maximum length. To extend this length, you can become a federal supporter!
  4. I was sent money but it doesn't work. How do I use it?
    • It's in your bank; withdraw it.
  5. What happened to the trades? I can't trade my bloodline items. What’s up with that?!
    • It's been disabled due to users abusing it and may or may not return. Most likely will not.
    • Currently in the Trade system, you can trade jutsu scrolls.
  6. How do I take a Screen Shot?
    • Hold down the Control key ('Ctrl' on some keyboards) and press Print Screen (“PrntScn/SysRq” on some keyboards). Now open a program such as Microsoft Paint and click Paste.
      • Many computers do not require the holding down of the Control key.


  1. How do I become a mod?
    • The generally accepted rule of thumb is, 'Don’t ask us, we’ll ask you.'
  2. I was treated unfairly by a Mod/Admin!
    • All staff issues are dealt by Ameise And Kanu. You can also try Azuraion, the head mod for help. Try to understand that Mods/Admins are human who do this from their free time.
  3. Which administrator is responsible for…?
    • Ameise and Kanu: Users
    • Ameise and Kanu: Moderators
    • Terriator: Server, Coding, and Site-Owner


  1. My question’s not here! Where can I go to get more information?
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