Stats in TNR cap after being trained to a certain amount. For example, once an academy student gets 100 intelligence, he/she can no longer train it. This lets you catch up to the stronger players and makes you start training other stats after you've raised one to the cap.

Academy Student500500500100
Chunin/Lower Outlaw50,000900,000640,000128,000
Jounin/Higher Outlaw90,0001,300,000800,000160,000
Special Jounin/Special Outlaw140,0001,900,0001,000,000200,000

Players of all ranks can now level most jutsus to 100 via training.
Most non-summon jutsus have an absolute (hard) cap at level 200, which can only be reached by battling with them.
All summons hardcap at 110.

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