Items in TheNinja-RPG serve many purposes. They can be equipped such as with weapons and armor or they can be consumed such as with healing items and throwing items like shuriken.

Obtaining Items

The item shop sells items to villagers while a traveling merchant sells to outlaws. These items include weapons, armor, and healing items. Armor unnoticeably increase defense. Weapons and healing items are usable in battle. The requirement to using them is a minimum rank. To obtain them, you can either purchase them or win them during certain events.

Shop Items

Item Shop - Weapons
Item Shop - Armor
Item Shop - Items
Item Shop - Special


You can trade some items with other players as well… you can offer an item in exchange of an item or you can offer ryo!
See Trade for more details.

Trading Thread

Want to find out about how much these things are running for? Or advertise or look for items? Check the Trading Thread on the Forums for more information!

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