The kage is the ultimate leader of a village, and is usually respected and often asked for help. Kage run the village and make executive decisions, especially concerning village funds. The title of kage is an important and often stressful job. Be sure you're up for handling not only your village, but your villagers.

Kages get a (territories / 10)% damage boost when fighting on their home territory.


You can challenge the kage of a village after you've done a few things. These things include:

  1. Having 15 days or more loyalty in a village
  2. Having more than 1.5 times the PvP Average Experience in a given village
  3. Being a Jounin or higher in rank
  4. The kage needs to be awake, that is the only time you can challenge them.

To get to the challenge link, go to Town Hall, Check Kage, and there will be a challenge link. The challengers of a village will get village walls, so the advantage goes to the attacker. There is also a requirement to keep the title, if you ever drop below the 1.5 x pvp average experience needed to be kage, you will be kicked out and replaced with the AI Kage. This means every kage is required to be active and raid/defend for their village. Also, every kage has a 15 minute period after they claim the seat of kage where it's impossible to be challenged.

Do note: You will lose a minimum of 2500 respect in your village if you fail to win your kage challenge. Thus it recommended that you do ample diplomacy in your village before attempting such a task. [old, confirmation required]

Commanders and Special Jounins can challenge a Kage of any rank, but Jounins may only challenge other Jounins or Special Jounins.

Features Unlocked

Kage have the ability to:

  1. delete posts in the tavern
  2. spend village funds on:
    • increasing village regen
    • increasing the maximum number of ANBU squads
    • lowering the village's hospital cost (caps)
    • improving the village's shop (caps)
    • improving the village walls for defense (caps)
    • improving the village walls for robbers (caps)
    • expanding the village's territorial space
  3. create, delete or alter village ANBU squads
  4. have bolded black names in the tavern with the title '(Village) Kage' instead of their rank
  5. having the ability to train the Kage jutsu, Shadow Precision

AI Kage

When a user resigns from the kage position, the position is taken over by an AI kage that shares the name of its village. AI kage do not claim regeneration or manage ANBU.

  • HP: 1 000 000
  • Deals 20%HP damage
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