Raiding just means attacking another village. It is TheNinja-RPG's most common form of player versus player combat.

To raid, simply travel to a village, click on “Combat” to see who's awake (and near your level) in the area, and click “Attack.”

Some people prefer to raid alone, while others prefer to raid in groups. Advantages to consider:

  • If you raid alone, you can get kills much faster.
  • If you raid with a group, you will have more people to call for help, and stronger players can eliminate stronger threats.
  • The faster you click, the more successful you will be, so come up with strategies to increase your speed (bookmarks and common, and highly recommended).
  • Additionally, the more allies you have, the harder time a stronger opponent will have singling you out as the best choice to attack, leaving them left open to attack in turn.

Disadvantages to consider:

  • Because you are in enemy territory, opponents will be able to call for help, and someone will likely answer. Choose your targets wisely!
  • If you don't have a medical ninja with you, you will have to travel a long way every time you are hospitalized, unless you choose a nearby village to raid.
  • Whilst somewhat negligible, a disadvantage none the less is the opponent having village walls in their favour.
  • A possible disadvantage may be that if the ally you are raiding with in question is not from your village but someone from an allied village, it may mean a lower vf revenue.

Why Should I?

Raiding is the main source of village funds, which your Kage uses to buy improvements for the whole village.

Raiding is also a good source of PvP experience, especially if you can fight strong opponents.

Raiding is an easy way to gain experience for your jutsu, to level them up quickly.

Raiding brings in ANBU and Clan points, if you are in either, and will increase your ranking in the village.


  1. Make sure you have enough ryo on hand for hospital bills. Be careful to not carry too much; this makes you an attractive target for outlaws to rob!
  2. If you want to avoid AI opponents on the way to your target village, travel in the void. The void is all the coordinates [X,0] and [0,Y].
  3. If you're nervous about raiding, or have difficulty on your own, bring along a stronger friend.
  4. Whenever possible, get a medical ninja to go with you. This will reduce the cost of medical bills, pill and ramen costs, and allow you to raid more successfully.
  5. The following guides will hopefully give you an idea of how you can raid or avoid raids better. Veterans use these techniques frequently and results will vary between players.

PvP Experience

You gain PvP points when you defeat strong opponents in battle.

  • How much PvP experience you get (max 20) is based on your stats and generals compared to your opponent's.
  • PvP experience gives you a percentage-based boost to your regen.
  • The boost is larger if you have more PvP experience compared to your villagers.
  • Everyday at 12 PM central time, all players lose 10% of their PvP experience.
  • Using Summon jutsus will decrease PvP experience gained in a battle. Defeating an opponent -and- their summon awards extra PvP. Defeating one or the other awards normal PvP.
  • PvP Experience can only be earned from battles within a village.

Additional Information

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