Your regeneration rate is how quickly your chakra/stamina/HP recharges.

How do I increase my regeneration rate?

There are six ways to increase your regeneration:

  • Join a village with a high regeneration rate.
  • Buy a house with a high regeneration rate.
  • Buy temporary regeneration boosts through the Black Market.
  • Earn PvP experience to temporarily increase your regeneration.
  • Rank up to permanently increase your regeneration.
  • Roll a bloodline with a regeneration increase.

What will decrease my regeneration?

  • Having an occupation (see spoiler)
  • Doing surgery will reduce your regen by 20% for the duration of the recovery period.
  • Training special jutsu will reduce your regen by one for the three hours it takes to train.
  • Joining a village (temporary: see spoiler below)
  • Going into battle will reduce your regen by ~67% for the duration of that battle.
Joining a Village

Calculating Your Regen

The formula for regeneration is as follows:

Regen = base regen + (village regen * rank weight)
Base Regen
Village Regen
Rank Weight

Additional Information

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