Robbing is a feature available only to outlaws. At any rank of chunin/lower outlaw and above, you may be robbed.

  • Robbing attempts cost 30 chakra and 30 stamina points.
  • Success rates depend on the generals of both the robber and the target, and the Village Walls defense against robbers (if applicable).
  • If successful, robbing will result in:
    • a) the outlaw taking some of the target's pocket ryo.
    • b) the village guards stepping in to stop the outlaw.
    • c) the outlaw and the target engaging in battle.

The only robbing jutsu is Deceptive Compulsion (Syndicate's Tier jutsu, Genjutsu), which has the 'rob target, percentage based' tag. In battle, this jutsu deals damage and has a chance to rob a percentage of the target's pocket ryo. The chance increases with the jutsu's level.

Deceptive Compulsion temporarily does not deal damage.

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