Ryo is the game currency of TheNinja-RPG.

How Do I Earn It?

There are a number of ways to earn ryo.

  • Small Crimes / Errands - They cost 5 stamina and 5 chakra each, and award a varying amount of ryo.
  • Battle Arena - Awards an amount of ryo dependent on your level.
  • Serious Crimes - Awards a moderate amount of ryo on successful completion. Uses your general stats to determine outcome, and failure can get you jailed. Spamming it is arguably the best ryo earning method except for Avy/Fed/Rep selling. But each time, you do a serious crime, you lose some respect in a random village. And when you have too much negative respect in your village, you will be automatically kicked out. Thus it's better for outlaws. So, beware while spamming it if you don't plan on leaving your village!
  • Selling Avatars - Put your artistic skills to use by making and selling avatars for ryo!
  • Selling Reputation Points or Fed - See the relevant guide.

What Do I Use It For?


As the name suggests, it's a bank to keep your ryo safe. (This means outlaws can't get to it) Store ryo in it and use it to send ryo to others. Do note there is a cap to this. The ryo cap is 200 million total, including both your pocket and bank. Outlaws cannot access the bank, they hide their ryo in the Ground. However, whenever you join or leave a village, your ryo is automatically transferred, so you don't have to worry about it.

Item Shop

From the item shop, you can buy armor, weapons, and various items with different purposes, including food and soldier pills to recover HP in battle.


The ramen shop is the easiest way for a villager to recover their own HP. Using ryo, you can buy ramen of various sizes from the ramen shop. The bigger the ramen order, the more HP you'll recover.

Hospital Bills

When you lose a battle, you are hospitalized. When this happens you must either wait 15 minutes for your body to recover, or bribe the doctors to heal you immediately. You can bribe the doctors using ryo. The higher your maximum HP is, the more expensive your hospital bill will be. You can lower the cost of bribing the doctor by having Village Loyalty, after 170 days and 250 days. There is also a small percent chance that your Village doctors will instantly heal you for free.

Jutsu Training

All jutsu except forbidden jutsu require ryo to train at every level. The costs also go up every level!


You can also use ryo to undergo surgery, which will drastically increase your maximum HP. The higher your maximum HP is, the more expensive your surgery bill will be.


Items may also be obtained from other players through the trade system with ryo.


You can give others ryo so that they may buy you rep and fed or make you an avy as you want.

Additional Information

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