Federal Support, Reputation, and Popularity

Alternatively titled, “How to win friends and overpower your enemies”.

What Are All of These Things?

Reputation Points

TNR's primary premium currency. They can be bought directly with real money, or from other players using ryo.

Popularity points

These can be bought with real money or earned by filling out surveys. You obtain them by using the “Earn Popularity Points? link at the bottom of your side menu.

Federal Support

With monthly payments of real money (or purchased through another player), you will receive:

  • A blue name in the tavern.
  • Increased avatar size (to 150 x 150, 100kb)
  • A longer nindo size.
  • Eight jutsu slots to use in battle.
  • Increased logout timer to two hours.
  • Increased inventory.
  • Diplomacy gives 25% extra village respect.

When Trading With Players

When buying rep, fed or items from another player instead of directly yourself, it is best to request a moderator to help as a middleman to prevent scams. Also, a good rule of thumb to follow is that the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. See TM's Guide to Safely Trading For Reps and Fed.

What Do I Use Them For?

The Black Market (found on your wonderful side menu) is the place to cash in your Reps and Pop points for game-enhancing bonuses. The Black Market offers:

  • Bloodline Items - Didn't roll the bloodline you wanted? Each item will allow you to roll for a specific rank of bloodline at the Old Cabin.
    • Ranks A through D, and the Etched Stone (used to remove bloodlines) can be bought with Reputation.
    • Ranks C and D, and the Etched Stone can be bought with Popularity.
  • Forbidden Jutsu Scrolls - A random scroll to teach you a forbidden jutsu. Listed here. Can only be currently bought with Popularity, or on the Trade market from players.
  • Regeneration Boosts - Bought with Reputation, a Regeneration boost will increase your regeneration by a percentage for seven days. They do not stack.

Additional Information

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