Trade System

The Trade System allows you to trade with other players for items or ryo. When you click on Trade in the game (located in standard menu bellow Spar), you'll be brought to a menu. You can browse through items to see if there's something interesting or search for a specific one. You can also put up certain items for trade. To add an item or more for sale, click on New Trade. Here, you can choose whichever item(s) you wish to auction off. When you hit Submit, 5000 ryo will be taken out of your pocket for “administrative fees”.

Trade System

The Trade page presents the following options:

  • Search Trades - Allows you to search by username. Item search is currently disabled.
  • Browse Trades - Allows you to browse all currently active trades.
  • New Trade - Allows you to open a new Trade.
  • My Offers - Check the status on any offers you have currently posted.
  • My Trades - Check the status on any Trades you have currently posted.

Browse Trades

Browse Trades

The Browse window allows you to see all currently open trades. It displays the item's name, the user trading the item, and a link to the details page.


The details page lists the item, its price, the user trading it, and a custom message if they opted to add one. It also allows you to make an offer for the item. You may trade other tradeable items or Ryo.

If you've already made an offer on an item, you can check it by clicking My Offers. If you have an item up for auction, you can check its status by clicking on My Trades.

More things to note

  • All trades made will expire within 7 days.
  • A user may put up for trade no more than 2 of any one item at a time.
  • A user may only have a maximum of 3 different trades at any one time.
  • An initial cost of 5000 ryo is required to put an item up for trade.
  • At this time, only SCROLLS are permissible for trade. Armors and all other items will be looked at sometime in the near future and a decision will be made on whether they become open for trade or not.

Trading Thread

Want to find out about how much these things are running for? Or advertise or look for items? Check the Trading Thread on the Forums for more information!

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