While you are part of a village, you are affected in several ways:

  1. The village's regeneration is a certain rate added on to your 'base' regeneration.
  2. The village's features can be accessed, the features [Which can be improved by spending VF] are:
    • Anbu Squads - increases maximum number of squads.
    • Hospital - decreases hospital bill.
    • Shop - unlocks better items.
    • Regen - increases village's regen.
    • Rob Defences - decreases chance of being robbed.
    • Wall Defences - increases resistance against damage when a spar/fight is initiated by the opponent.
  3. Each village has its own 'culture.' For example, some villages might be focused on RP and tavern chat, while others might be more focused on raiding and earning points. However the nature of villages remains fluid, as certain groups of users will be on at certain times, and as villages gain and lose power and players, so does the nature of that village.


Doing Diplomacy will earn you Village Respect. Respect is used primarily for joining new villages and earning special Tier items, such as Jutsu or Armors.

Joining and Leaving

In order to join a village, you must have enough village respect to join it. For instance, if you wanted to move from Shroud to Konoki, you would have to do diplomacy in Konoki to earn enough respect to join. You must have ten times your base regen to join a village. You must also already have left your previous village.

You can leave your village in your Preferences section. You must be at least Chuunin to leave your village.

Joining a new village will reduce your regen temporarily:

When you join a new village, your regeneration rate will be cut in half for the first day. For the next three days, your regen will be lowered to 60%. On the fourth day, you will receive the full amount of regen that belongs to that village. This will affect ALL regeneration, including temporary boosts purchased through the Black Market.

Village Fund

When a villager wins a PVP battle, her earns 1 VF aka Village Fund. The kage can spend VF on the followings to improve the village.

  • increasing village regen
  • increasing the maximum number of ANBU squads
  • lowering the village's hospital cost (caps)
  • improving the village's shop (caps)
  • improving the village wall for defense (caps at level 10 with value of 1% less damage taken)
  • improving the village wall for robbers (caps)
  • expanding the village's territorial space

With the 365 days loyalty, a villager can earn 3 VFs per kill.
Killing an ally from another village at any time will cost your village some of its Village Funds.
A village loses 1% VF each day if it is in war, and in war, the village that wins is rewarded with a net sum of VF (20,000 total possible) at the end of war.

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