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Posted by: Event Team
11/17/19, 05:12 AM
Tips for questing:

- Make sure you have enough space in your inventory to avoid getting over-encumbered.
- If the AI from one quest is "being annoying" and won't let you do "your thing", you can quit the quest and take it back whenever you are ready.
- Use the Territory map to find areas on the map.
- If you can't move make sure there is no dialogue that requires your attention.
- Make a cup of tea and enjoy!


If you have any issues turning in the event quest, feel free to PM me in-game or DM me on discord.
- For all those who already complete the event, Congratulations!!
Anonymous Note will disappear when the event finishes.
Rei. -
Posted by: Staff
Finally Functioning Forbiddens!
11/10/19, 07:39 PM
What's this? Could it be? Yes - it is! Forbidden Quests are finally available again!

Get your scrolls ready, folks. For the next two weeks, Forbidden Quests will offer heightened rewards - BEWARE - Those who have their Forbidden Jutsu already should NOT complete these quests, as it WILL overwrite your current jutsu!

There's a rumor on the wind that a party is being planned as a commemoration of the re-release of these jutsu, too. A party of... murder? Jutsu Experience. It's extra Jutsu Experience. And it's not a rumor, at all. November 23rd will have heightened jutsu experience gains! Hooray!

If you find yourself stuck in the "questing" status, make certain you don't have a dialogue that needs your attention!
Posted by: Alba
WoW we have some winners!
11/10/19, 06:20 PM
Winners of the meme contest were posted on FB!

Check it out!

Thank you, to everyone who has participated and brought laughter to an otherwise crappy situation. We all had a wonderful experience < 3

For the winners, please PM me in-game or on Discord and tell me on which account you want your prizes on.

Top Players
5165.96 PvP Exp
4844.72 PvP Exp
Elite Outlaw
4266.35 PvP Exp
4036.00 PvP Exp
Lower Outlaw
3686.92 PvP Exp