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    Beta Release Date: August 2, 2024

    By Neonx on 7/17/2024

    Hello again, After one year and lots of repeated messages, we are close. I'm proud to tell everyone that Beta has been planned for August 2, 2024. The exact time is a bit mysterious due to it being on Terr's timezone(Danish). Now what should you expect: Everyone will be reset, if you have bought reps it will be refunded to you. For persons who have had fed throughout the beta, you will also be compensated for your support. Beta will be treated as an official release and all rules will be upheld, that is no botting, no exploiting glitches, etc. On the day of beta, you will receive more news.


    The Tale of Tsukimori: Chapter 6

    By Abby on 7/15/2024

    Junko woke up slowly, the world around her spinning as she tried to open her eyes. Her body ached, and she felt an overwhelming sense of disorientation. As her vision cleared, she realized she was lying in a strange, rustic shack. Nothing around her looked familiar. Panic set in as memories of the battle in Konoki came rushing back. She tried to get up quickly but immediately fell to her knees, the pain in her body intensifying.

    A familiar voice, gentle yet firm, broke through her confusion.

    "You are still too weak. You need to rest"

    The voice said. Junko turned her head and saw the friendly face of Terriator, an old ally. Relief washed over her, and she listened to his words, reluctantly lying back down.

    Terriator sat beside her, his expression a mix of concern and determination.

    "Ever since the conflict started in Konoki, I've been hiding in this shack. It’s secluded, safe for now" -he began- "I tried to contact the Global ANBU because they were nowhere to be seen during all of this conflict. When I finally reached the leader, they confessed they had grown overconfident during the years of prosperity. They were unprepared for the conflict that erupted in Samui and the chaos that followed. They found themselves overwhelmed by the circumstances, unable to take action, mediate, or help in any meaningful way."

    Junko listened intently, her mind racing. Terriator continued:

    "I was coming back from this meeting when I found you lying in the middle of the forest. You were badly injured, Junko. The wounds were so deep that I couldn't heal you all at once. I've been using my chakra for the past three days to heal your wounds. You're lucky to be alive."

    Junko’s thoughts were a whirlwind. The failure of the Global ANBU to intervene, the violence in Konoki, her own near-death experience—it was almost too much to process.

    "Thank you, Terriator" -she managed to say, her voice weak but grateful- "You saved my life."

    Terriator nodded, his expression resolute.

    "You need to rest more. Your wounds are healing, but it will take time. Once you're stronger, we can figure out our next move. For now, focus on recovering."

    Junko shook her head, determination replacing her initial confusion.

    "Terriator, we don't have time. The people in Silence will be worried sick about me. They might even think I'm dead. We need to act quickly. We should leave as soon as possible, at the latest tomorrow."

    Terriator looked at her, his eyes full of understanding and concern.

    "I know you're worried about Silence, but you must understand the risks. You're still weak. Traveling now could be dangerous."

    "I can't let my village fall into chaos because of my absence" -Junko insisted- "We need to move, and we need to do it soon."

    Seeing the resolve in her eyes, Terriator sighed.

    "Alright, but we need to make sure you have enough strength to make the journey. I'll help you as much as I can, but promise me you'll take it slow and listen to your body."

    Junko nodded, grateful for his support.

    "I promise, Terriator. Thank you."

    They spent the rest of the day preparing for their departure, with Terriator helping Junko regain some of her strength through gentle exercises and chakra healing. By evening, Junko felt a bit more stable on her feet, though she knew she wasn't at full strength.

    The following morning, as the first light of dawn filtered through the dense forest canopy, Junko and Terriator set out. Each step was a struggle for Junko, but her determination to return to Silence and save Konoki kept her moving. Terriator stayed close, ready to support her at any moment.

    As they began their journey back to Silence, the weight of their mission hung heavy in the air. They knew the road ahead would be fraught with danger, but their resolve was unwavering. The fate of their villages depended on their success.


    The Tale of Tsukimori: Chapter 5

    By Abby on 7/13/2024

    In Silence, the village was growing anxious. It had been two days since Junko left for Konoki, and there was still no word from her. The village's ANBU leaders and the members of the Yoru no Taiyō clan were deeply concerned. The uncertainty of Junko's fate weighed heavily on them; they didn't know if she was alive or dead, and this uncertainty fueled their determination.

    A small group was assembled to travel to Konoki and uncover what had happened to their Kage. Steeled by their sense of duty and loyalty, they prepared for the worst but hoped for the best. Among them were some of the most skilled ANBU members and warriors from the Yoru no Taiyō clan, each one resolved to bring back their Kage.

    Upon arriving in Konoki, they were immediately confronted by a group of Hideki's radicals. Recognizing the symbols on their headbands, the radicals taunted them, bragging about their victory over Junko. The Silencers, still uncertain of Junko's fate, were enraged by this blatant disrespect and the implications of their Kage's possible death. Their anger and desperation to find Junko, dead or alive, drove them to attack.

    The ensuing battle was fierce and bloody. Both sides fought with a ferocity born of desperation and conviction. The radicals, emboldened by their recent victory, clashed with the Silencers, who were determined to avenge their fallen Kage and restore peace. The fight left several dead and many more injured on both sides, further deepening the wounds of the already fractured Konoki.

    Despite their rage and determination, the Silencers could not find any information about Junko's whereabouts. The battle ended with the Silencers victorious, but their victory felt hollow without any news of their Kage. The lack of information gnawed at their spirits, and they were forced to return to Silence without any concrete answers.

    Back in Silence, the tension was palpable. Awa, together with his right hand Arata, gathered the village elders and the ANBU leaders to discuss the situation in Konoki and the possible death of Junko. Although they wanted to believe she was still alive, it was naive not to contemplate the possibility.

    Awa spoke first, his voice steady but filled with the weight of their predicament.

    "We must consider the necessity of fighting back. Konoki is in chaos, and our Kage went there to make things right."

    One of the elders, his face lined with worry and suspicion, accused Awa:

    "You're using this to get your way to the Kageship, aren't you?"

    Before Awa could respond, Arata intervened, his voice sharp with anger.

    "How dare you accuse him of such a thing! Awa could have taken the Kage from Junko at any time, but he didn’t. He has always supported her. Junko is one of us, and we will do anything to get her back. We cannot afford to be disrespected like this, as a village."

    Seeing Arata getting heated, Awa raised a hand to calm him.

    "Arata is right, but let's not forget what Junko went to do in Konoki. She went to make things right. Perhaps the best way to find out what happened to Junko is to finish what she started."

    The room fell silent as Awa's words sank in. The elders and ANBU leaders exchanged glances, understanding the gravity of their situation. They knew they had to act, not just to find Junko, but to honor her mission and restore order in Konoki.

    As the night deepened, plans were made to continue their efforts in Konoki. The village of Silence, united by their loyalty to Junko and their determination to uphold their honor, prepared for the challenges ahead. Under the light of the full moon and surrounded by the ancient grey rocks, they found a renewed sense of purpose and resolve.

    The stage was set for a decisive confrontation, and the people of Silence braced themselves for what was to come. They would fight not only for Junko but for the future of their village and the peace she had sought to restore.


    The Tale of Tsukimori: Chapter 4

    By Abby on 7/10/2024

    Konoki was plunged into chaos. Hideki's followers and Sakura's followers were now in direct conflict. Horrified by the massacre, Sakura's followers rallied to stop Hideki's group from completely taking over. The village, once a beacon of harmony, became a battlefield. Brothers fought against brothers, and with no Kage to guide them, the community was adrift in a sea of violence and despair.

    In the depths of Silence, Junko sat in her office, struggling to concentrate. The news of Yukiko's death had arrived like a thunderclap. Yukiko, the Kage of Konoki, had been assassinated during a peace meeting—one Junko had encouraged. The weight of the guilt was almost unbearable. She had ignored Yukiko's desperate plea for help, convinced that her own village's crises took precedence. Now, Yukiko was dead, and Konoki was tearing itself apart.

    Junko's closest advisor, Awa, leader of the Yoru no Taiyō clan, entered the room, sensing her turmoil. He found her staring blankly at a letter from Konoki, her eyes filled with unshed tears.

    "Awa" -Junko began, her voice trembling- "I've failed Yukiko. I pushed her to hold that meeting, believing it would help. Now she's gone, and I can't help but feel responsible."

    Awa stepped closer, his expression one of compassion and understanding.

    "Junko, you couldn't have known this would happen."

    "But I should have been there" -She continued, her voice breaking.- "I should have done something. Instead, I stayed here, thinking I could manage everything from a distance. And now... now she's dead."

    Awa placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

    "You've always been there for Konoki in spirit. Yukiko knew that. This isn't your fault."

    Junko shook her head, her eyes closing as she tried to hold back the tears.

    "I have to do something, Awa. I can't just sit here while Konoki burns."

    "Then go"- Awa said firmly.- "Don't believe in yourself! Believe in me! Believe in the Awa who believes in you! I'll keep Silence stable while you're gone. Our people are strong, and they can hold out until you return."

    Junko opened her eyes, searching Awa's face for the confidence she lacked. His unwavering support gave her a glimmer of hope.

    "Thank you, Awa. I don't know what I would do without you."

    "Just promise me you'll come back" -He replied, squeezing her shoulder.- "Konoki needs you now, but so does Silence. We'll be waiting."

    Determined to make amends, Junko set out for Konoki under the cover of night, her heart heavy with resolve. The journey through the forest was fraught with memories of her times with Yukiko, each one a stab of pain that fueled her determination to set things right.

    Upon reaching Konoki, Junko found the village in complete disarray. Sakura's followers, though determined, were struggling to contain Hideki's onslaught. Each day brought new skirmishes, new losses. The community was fracturing further with each passing hour.

    As Junko made her way through the village, she was struck by the devastation. Homes lay in ruins, and the once peaceful streets were now littered with the remnants of battle. The air was thick with the scent of blood and smoke.

    Determined to confront Hideki and his followers, Junko moved with purpose. However, she had underestimated their strength and ferocity. As she engaged them in battle, it became clear she was outmatched. Hideki's followers fought with brutal intensity, fueled by their belief that their actions were justified. Junko held her ground valiantly, but the sheer number and ferocity of her opponents overwhelmed her.

    Injured and exhausted, she barely managed to escape, retreating into the dense forest surrounding Konoki. As she fled, her vision blurred, and she eventually collapsed, unconscious, as she attempted to make her way back to Silence.


    The Tale of Tsukimori: Chapter 3

    By Abby on 7/8/2024

    Yukiko's relentless pursuit of peace led her to organize a large meeting, hoping to bring all factions together and restore harmony in Konoki. Despite the growing unrest, she remained steadfast in her belief that dialogue could mend the fractures within the village. She spent days preparing for the assembly, reaching out to various groups and encouraging them to come with open hearts and minds.

    However, Hideki, along with a close group of his followers, had other plans. Their hatred boiled over into a desire to eradicate Yukiko and the Half-Human, Half-Spirit community in one devastating strike.

    The day of the meeting dawned, the atmosphere in Konoki tense and expectant. Villagers from all corners of the community made their way to the grand hall, their faces reflecting a mixture of hope and fear. Yukiko stood at the center, her presence calm yet commanding, as she prepared to address the crowd.

    "Today,"- Yukiko began, her voice carrying through the hall- "We gather not as enemies, but as members of one village. Konoki has always thrived on unity and understanding. We must remember our roots and find a way to heal together."

    Before she could continue, Hideki interrupted, stepping forward with a sneer.

    "Enough of this nonsense, Yukiko," -he spat- "Your words are meaningless. Look around you. Our village is in ruins because of your passivity and blind faith in the old ways."

    Yukiko stood her ground, meeting Hideki's gaze with unwavering resolve.

    "Hideki, this is not the way. We must find common ground and work together."

    Hideki laughed bitterly.

    "Common ground? You still don't get it, do you? It's your weakness that has brought us to this point."

    Without warning, Hideki grabbed a young member of the Half-Human, Half-Spirit community and, with a swift, brutal motion, ended the child's life in front of everyone. Gasps of horror and shock filled the hall.

    "See this, Yukiko?" -Hideki snarled.- "This is your doing. You and your pathetic dreams of peace are responsible for this death."

    Yukiko's eyes widened in horror, and she moved to intervene, but it was too late. Hideki's followers had already closed in, preventing any rescue.

    "You're ridiculous" -Hideki mocked- "thinking you could change anything with your naive ideals."

    With ruthless efficiency, Hideki executed a series of hand signs.

    "Blood Release: Thousand Strike"

    He intoned, his voice filled with malice. The air grew thick with an ominous energy as the jutsu took hold. Yukiko's body convulsed, her eyes widening in terror as she felt her very essence being torn apart from within. Blood-red chakra blades materialized around her, invisible to the eye but excruciatingly real to the senses, ripping and tearing through her flesh in a brutal, unrelenting assault.

    Yukiko's screams echoed through the hall, mingling with the gasps and cries of the onlookers. Her vision blurred as pain overwhelmed her, her body collapsing under the merciless onslaught. She fell to the ground, her dreams of unity shattered in a bloody nightmare.

    The violence erupted almost immediately. Hideki's attack had shattered any semblance of order, and the assembly descended into chaos. Some of the Radicals, stunned by the brutality of Hideki's actions, stood in shock. This was not the outcome they had anticipated.

    Among the shocked Radicals, a kunoichi named Sakura stepped forward, her voice rising above the clamor.

    "Hideki! This wasn't the deal! We were supposed to change the passive dynamics of the traditionalists, not slaughter our own people!"

    She pushed Hideki, her fury evident in every movement. Hideki turned to her, a twisted grin on his face.

    "You're weak, Sakura, just like Yukiko. If you can't handle the truth, then step aside."

    Sakura's eyes blazed with an intense light, her bloodline awakening in response to the carnage.

    "I won't stand by and watch you destroy Konoki"

    She declared, her voice resonating with power.

    A brilliant orb of light formed in her hand, illuminating the chaos around them. With a swift motion, Sakura hurled the orb at Hideki. The light exploded upon impact, the force sending shockwaves through the hall and momentarily blinding everyone nearby.

    Hideki staggered back, his sneer replaced by a look of shock and anger.

    "This isn't over!"

    He shouted as he retreated, his loyal followers close behind.

    The aftermath of the massacre was devastating. Almost all the attendees lay dead or dying, and the hall was drenched in blood. Sakura, gravely wounded, looked around at the carnage, her heart heavy with guilt and sorrow.

    She felt responsible for having collaborated with Hideki, and a fierce determination took root within her.

    "I have to make this right"

    She whispered to herself, vowing to bring an end to the violence that had torn Konoki apart.

    As the sun set over the Fireheart Forest, casting long shadows across the village, Sakura resolved to find a way to restore peace and unity to Konoki, no matter the cost.


    The Tale of Tsukimori: Chapter 2

    By Abby on 7/7/2024

    The unrest in Konoki grew more palpable with each passing day. Hideki's Radicals, feeding on the fears and frustrations of the villagers, gained support rapidly. Those most scarred by the recent war were especially drawn to his calls for decisive action. The Half-Human, Half-Spirit community, with their ties to the old ways, bore the brunt of the growing hostility.

    Desperate to stem the rising tide of violence, Yukiko reached out to her old friend Junko, the Kage of Silence. Their correspondence revealed the depth of their mutual respect and concern, though it also highlighted the dire situations in both villages.

    Silence, like Konoki, was grappling with its own crises. Its structures lay in ruins, with only a few active clans and loyal ANBU members struggling to maintain order. Junko's village was barely holding on, mirroring the fragility that Yukiko saw around her in Konoki.

    letter 1
    letter 2
    letter 3
    letter 4
    letter 5
    letter 6

    Hideki's rhetoric grew more intense, and his support swelled among those who felt betrayed by the old ways.

    "Yukiko and her spirit-loving followers are the reason we're suffering!"

    He shouted at another assembly, his voice dripping with venom.

    "While we bled and died, they prayed to their useless spirits and did nothing! We can't let these weaklings lead us anymore!"

    His words struck a chord with many, and the crowd's support for his aggressive stance swelled.

    Yukiko watched the escalating unrest with a sense of urgency. In her office, she conferred with one of her closest advisors, who shared troubling news.

    "The Radicals are growing bolder by the day"

    The advisor said gravely.

    "It's not just the Half-Human, Half-Spirit community at risk. The entire village is on edge."

    "We must find a way to restore balance"

    Yukiko murmured, her face etched with worry.

    "But how, when our own people turn against each other?"

    The village assemblies continued to be arenas of escalating tension. The Radicals, emboldened by the lack of external support, pushed their agenda with increasing fervor. Violence became more common, with clashes breaking out in the streets and even within the homes of Konoki's residents. The once-peaceful village was now a cauldron of fear and anger.

    Determined to bring back dialogue and peace, Yukiko arranged for a meeting of the village's elders and key figures. She hoped that by gathering the most respected voices in Konoki, they could find a path back to harmony. Among those she reached out to was Terriator, a wise and influential elder known for his calming presence.

    However, when Yukiko sent a messenger to summon Terriator, the response was troubling. The messenger returned, reporting that Terriator's cabin was empty, and there was no sign of where he might have gone. Worry gnawed at Yukiko as she added this new concern to the growing list of troubles facing Konoki.

    As the sun set over the Fireheart Forest, casting long shadows across the village, Yukiko steeled herself for the upcoming meeting. The ancient trees, silent witnesses to the unfolding drama, seemed to hold their breath, their ethereal glow dimmed by the shadow of impending conflict. The stage was set for an attempt at reconciliation, and the once harmonious village braced itself for whatever would come next.


    The Tale of Tsukimori: Chapter 1

    By Abby on 7/2/2024

    The village of Konoki, nestled deep within the Fireheart Forest, had always been a bastion of harmony, its people living in symbiosis with the ancient spirits of the woods. The recent global conflict had scarred this tranquil haven, casting long shadows over its verdant canopy. The fall of Samui, and all it symbolized, weighed heavily on the hearts of Konoki's inhabitants. Konoki had not emerged unscathed from the war. The village, once thriving, now found itself in a precarious state, its resources stretched thin and its morale dwindling. The collapse of the training grounds, a once-proud symbol of Konoki's strength, lay in ruins, a stark testament to the village’s current disarray.

    Yukiko, the Kage of Konoki, surveyed the wreckage, her heart burdened by the weight of recent events. Her voice, though steady, carried the exhaustion of countless sleepless nights.

    "We must focus on more immediate needs" She declared, her eyes reflecting the sorrow of her decision. "This is not our priority right now."

    Throughout the week, a palpable unrest settled over Konoki. In the market, whispers of dissatisfaction grew louder. Hideki, a fiery and determined villager, seized these moments to voice his burgeoning discontent.

    "This passivity is what brought us here!" He proclaimed to a gathering crowd. "We need action, not words!"

    The villagers, once united in their reverence for the forest spirits, now found themselves divided. Yukiko's authority, once unquestioned, was now a source of contention. Her calm demeanor and unwavering commitment to dialogue and tradition were seen by some as strengths, and by others as weaknesses. Among the latter was Hideki, whose fiery rhetoric began to draw more and more villagers to his cause.

    "Patience? While our homes crumble? While our children lose hope?"

    Hideki's face was a mask of anger and determination, his words cutting through the air like a blade. The villagers exchanged uneasy glances, their hearts and minds torn between the calm wisdom of Yukiko and the impassioned calls for action from Hideki. The Half-Human, Half-Spirit community, with their deep-rooted traditional values, found themselves at the center of this growing storm.

    The village assemblies, held daily, became arenas of escalating tension. The Radicals, led by Hideki, voiced their discontent with increasing fervor. The harmony of Konoki began to fracture as shouts turned to blows, and the once peaceful gatherings descended into chaos.

    "This is just the beginning" Hideki warned ominously, his voice a harbinger of the turmoil to come.

    Midweek, a dire blow struck the already strained community. A shipment of goods meant for the local school was intercepted by the Syndicate, leaving the village bereft of much-needed supplies. The Radicals were quick to lay the blame at the feet of the Half-Human, Half-Spirit community.

    "This is what your peace brings us!" Hideki's accusation rang through the village. "We are being targeted because we are weak!"

    The village was now a cauldron of seething resentment. Daily, the news of another murder among the Half-Human, Half-Spirit community spread fear and anger. The ANBU squads, once a symbol of unity and protection, were now divided, and their loyalty split along the lines of the growing ideological rift. Even the village elders, the revered keepers of Konoki's wisdom, were at odds, and their once-united front fractured.

    Konoki, once a harmonious sanctuary, was now on the edge of a profound transformation. Each passing day brought new conflicts and new divisions. The villagers' positions became more entrenched, their ideologies more defined. Hideki's rallying cry, "We must fight, or we will perish" echoed ominously in the minds of many.

    As the week drew to a close, the village of Konoki stood at a precipice. The ancient trees, silent witnesses to the unfolding drama, seemed to hold their breath, their ethereal glow dimmed by the shadow of impending conflict. The stage was set for an inevitable clash, and the once harmonious village braced itself for the storm to come.


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    Lore time!!

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    Abby the bookkeeper here again O.O Yesterday I couldn't share lore because I wasn't feeling very well, maybe I ate too many potatoes. So today, I bring a little more to make up for it. I hope you like it. Remember that my inbox is always open for feedback. May the wind protect you,

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    Entry on Aiko’s Diary

    Dear Diary,

    Today, I had to take measures that I never thought I would consider. The situation in Samui has become so dire that I found myself reaching out to the Syndicate. It was a difficult decision, one that goes against everything I believe in, but the safety of our village requires extreme actions.

    I contacted Daichi, a known member of the Syndicate. Our conversation was tense, filled with distrust on both sides. I loathe having to rely on such individuals, but Daichi is well-informed and has access to information that we desperately need. He seemed almost amused by my request, but he agreed to help—at a price, of course.

    During our discussion, Daichi revealed crucial information about Kimiko. He insisted that she is hidden within Samui's market, using it as a base to orchestrate her attacks. The thought of her being so close, right under our noses, fills me with both anger and urgency. This is a lead we cannot ignore.

    With this new information, I immediately called a meeting with our ANBU leaders. We need to act quickly and decisively. Together, we formulated a plan for a raid on the market to be executed tomorrow. The goal is to apprehend Kimiko and disrupt her operations once and for all.

    As we prepared, I couldn't shake the feeling of unease. Relying on the Syndicate for information feels like making a deal with the devil. But what choice do we have? The safety of Samui is paramount, and if this lead proves true, it could turn the tide in our favor.

    The market is a bustling, vital part of our village. It pains me to bring conflict to such a place, but Kimiko’s actions leave us no choice. The ANBU leaders are ready, their resolve unwavering. I briefed them on the plan, ensuring every detail was covered. Tomorrow will be a pivotal day.

    Tonight, I feel the weight of my decisions more than ever. The risks are high, but the potential gains are immense. If we succeed, we could finally put an end to Kimiko’s reign of terror. For now, I must find rest and gather my strength for the challenges ahead.

    As always, my thoughts drift to Junko. I wonder how she would handle such a situation, and I wish I could seek her guidance. But I must remain focused. For Samui, for our people, and for the hope of peace.


    Entry on Aiko’s Diary

    Dear Diary,

    Today has been a day of utter despair and sorrow. The raid on the market, which I had hoped would bring an end to Kimiko’s terror, has instead led to tragedy. There was no sign of Kimiko anywhere. I have been fooled and scammed by Daichi, and the consequences are devastating.

    The raid began at dawn. Our ANBU forces moved swiftly, executing the plan with precision. But as the operation unfolded, it quickly became apparent that Kimiko was not there. Instead of finding our enemy, we encountered only innocent villagers—traders, shoppers, children—all caught in the chaos we brought upon them.

    The aftermath is a scene I will never forget. The market, once vibrant and full of life, is now marred by destruction and bloodshed. The cries of the wounded and the sight of the fallen haunt me. I feel a deep, crushing guilt for the lives lost and the suffering inflicted. This was not what I intended; this was not the protection I vowed to provide.

    I despise myself for being so naive, for believing Daichi’s lies. How could I have been so foolish? The anger I feel towards him is matched only by my anger at myself. I should have known better than to trust a member of the Syndicate, yet in my desperation, I allowed myself to be deceived. My heart is heavy with the weight of my mistakes.

    As I walked through the devastated market, comforting the injured and offering what little solace I could, tears streamed down my face. I cried for the lives lost, for the innocent blood spilled because of my decision. The villagers looked at me with a mixture of confusion and fear, and I could feel their trust in me eroding. How can I ever regain their faith after such a disaster?

    In the privacy of my room, I allowed myself to break down completely. The sorrow and guilt overwhelmed me, and I sobbed uncontrollably. I feel like I have failed Samui, failed my people. The responsibility of leadership has never felt heavier, and I am unsure how to move forward from this.

    Tomorrow, I will have to face the consequences of my actions. I will address the village and take full responsibility for what happened. The trust of my people is paramount, and I must do everything in my power to rebuild it. But tonight, I am consumed by grief and regret.

    For Samui, for our future, and for the hope that somehow, we can recover from this tragedy.


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