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Posted by: Daily Seichi News
C3 Anniversary Weekend Asssault
08/08/19, 10:16 PM
Greeting, shinobi!

On behalf of all of the staff, we hope you had a fun week of bonuses and fun crafting.

You are in for a bit of a treat, as we have decided to extend the fun into a weekend bash, of sorts. 8/10-8/11, we will have various PvP related bonuses turned up a bit - surgeons and those with light pockets can also rejoice, as surgeon gains and reduced hospital prices will be turned up as well. Happy hunting, folks!

This Friday, 8/9, you can also enjoy some extra EM, Mission, and Training gains to have you prepared for the weekend assault! Following this, EM gains will remain on for the entire week, from 8/9 through 8/16 as a thank you for your patience during their absence.

Crafters and Gatherers, you're nearly done! The Shifting Weapons are starting to slow - we theorize that they will last through the weekend bash before sticking in their final forms. Fear not, you'll have through 8/16 to collect and craft whatever you might still need.

Thank you all for spending all of this time with us!

Due to an issue with data transfer between the Development Server and Main Server, weapons and armor will not receive their final forms until mid week.

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